Going green has never been so easy with Foliosa

Thursday 15th, December 2016 / 17:04
By Adey Okoyomon

Britt Wainwright blisses out on renting her green thumb to save the lives of green things everywhere.

VANCOUVER — Listen up plant lovers: Foliosa is about to become your new favourite gardening company. Based out of Vancouver, they specialize in setting up indoor gardens — and creating the plant wonderland of your dreams.

“I had the idea for what is now Foliosa a couple of years ago when I was studying landscape horticulture,” says founder Britt Wainwright. “It was a very tiny idea and it took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted Foliosa to become. Plants can be scary because they are living things and most people don’t have the time to nurture them. So, you see a lot of spaces with the wrong plants and they are getting over- or under-watered. I want to change that by making the right plant choices for spaces and I also offer the service of caring for them, like a plant mom.”

Foliosa doesn’t stop at installing plants in your home or office — they also help you look after them, coming in to water, dust, and clip, and ensuring that the plants flourish and receive proper nutrition. Say farewell to unknowingly killing your plants.

Wainwright’s hope is to collaborate with and promote local makers. Along with beautifying homes, Foliosa has garnished venues like the American and Tacofino with greenery. “When styling for permanent containers, I put emphasis on adding plants that are best for the space by making sure they can thrive in their environment.” Wainwright says. “I take into account what the client is looking for — it’s important to me to understand their vision, if they have one — and blend it with what I think will look beautiful and function within the space.”

“With event styling there’s more wiggle room for getting a bit wild. Since you’re not worrying about long term plantings, you get more creative freedom,” she adds.

Suffice it to say, we now all have a fairy plant-mother in Britt Wainwright.

Learn more about Foliosa and their services at foliosa.org.

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