Vanpooper – Log #25: Rating the best (and worst) of Vancouver’s public toilets

Thursday 15th, December 2016 / 17:12
By guest columnist Kathleen McGee


Pacific Central Station

Pacific Central Station

3 poops out of 5

Ah, the Greyhound bus station. Forever a place that no one really wants to go but since airlines still insist on charging $500 for a round trip to Calgary, it’s a necessary evil. As a Canadian performer I’ve seen my share of Greyhound stations and as far as bus station bathrooms go, this one is surprisingly nice. It has its own security to keep the riff raff out and, besides having a mysteriously cut-up toilet seat, was very clean and well stocked. It will make taking the Greyhound feel less shameful.

McDonald’s (Granville & Broadway)


1 poop out of 5

It’s important for McDonald’s to have good bathrooms. They are always needed immediately after dining. The plus about this bathroom is you don’t need to be buzzed in by the staff. It’s always nice to find an unlocked public bathroom. This bathroom however, was too clean. Yes I said it — too clean. I think I left that bathroom as a blonde because the smell of bleach was so strong. Also, points taken off for one-ply toilet paper. Come on McDonald’s, you know the messes your food makes. You need a two-ply minimum policy at least.

Scotiabank Theatre (Upper Level)

Scotiabank Theatre

4 poops out of 5

I’m a fan of any bathroom that provides me with reading material, and Scotiabank Theatre doesn’t disappoint! Movie posters and upcoming events are posted in every stall. This experience was enhanced by the tears of a 14-year-old girl crying to a friend because they were on a double date and she didn’t think Hunter was “feeling her.” This bathroom was overall very clean and very entertaining. Way to keep the drama on the big screen and out of the bathrooms!

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