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This Month in Metal: January 2017

Wednesday 04th, January 2017 / 14:47
By Sarah Kitteringham

Black metal legends Mayhem take their tour to Alberta late in the month.
Photo: Ester Segarra

CALGARY — Ahhhhh, January. A time when it’s colder than Mars outside and everyone is bundled up like a penguin and gigs become scarce. Speaking of…

Start your month off with a bang! On Saturday, January 7th, there are multiple gigs going down for your listening pleasure. To start, Red Cain is performing with Heyokas Mirror, Fatal Pursuit, and Benevolent Like Quietus at Distortion. Tickets are $10! Meanwhile, Arlen’s annual stoner rock extravaganza birthday bash is going down at the Palomino; read Christine Leonard’s fantastic profile on headliners The Shrine before heading to the gig. If you’re in Edmonton, definitely head to Mama’s Gin Joint (11723 Jasper Avenue) for “Eye Sack’s welcome home ‘berta grind gig” featuring Messiahlator, Horrendous Miscreation (playing their first Canadian gig in over two years), Vivasectomy, and Gorgos.

While not strictly “metal,” the CommunityWise Resource Centre (over at 223 – 12 Ave. SW) in Calgary has a three-week course that will definitely appeal to the literary minded metal folks. On Monday, January 9th, they kick off a “Interactive Science Fiction History Course” taught by author Hamish Crawford, whose academic interests lay in comic books and Doctor Who. Each evening runs from 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.; classes are only five dollars each, and they will focus on “science fiction’s satirical commentary on the present, its relationship to feminism, how its visions of futures and other world can prompt social change and restoration of the status quo, and more.” Aside from the class on January 9th, the classes run on Monday, January 16th and Monday, January 23rd. If you’re interested, head to the Facebook page and RSVP.

On Wednesday, January 11th, a “Double Feature of Metal” will be going down at Distortion in Calgary, complete with a piñata, Magic, and theatrics as Calgary based black metal acts Kiss Thy Goat and Trær perform. Tickets are $10 (or go down to a very reasonable $5 if you’re wearing corpse paint).

If you’re an Edmontonian, DV8 has a gig featuring “Mustakettu & other assorted scoundrels” on Saturday, January 14th. If you’re amongst the uninitiated, Mustakettu performs epic folk metal; they’ll be sharing the bill with Bad Communicators, Tooth and Nail, and Wyte Ave Womp Rats. That same evening, Clean Up Your Act Productions presents Hardcore for Humanity 6, an event that is raising money to feed Edmonton’s homeless. Food and warm clothing donations will be collected at the event, which features performances by hardcore/punk/math rock acts like Contention, TEETH, Feeding, Birds Bear Arms, and The Prescribed. Food for life will be preparing dinner for attendees of the show, so that they can educate attendees on what the charity does and how it functions. Be sure to bring some donations; doors are at 7 p.m.

Meanwhile in Calgary, Magdalena will be performing at their EP release party, which doubles as vocalist Kristin’s final show. The thrash act will be releasing The Second Coming, and welcoming new vocalist Brian Stogran to the fold. They’ll be playing with stab.twist.pull, Profits of Crime, and Sick Ritual. Doors are at 8 p.m., tickets are $10.

It’s an exceptional month for Edmonton gigs, so here’s another banger: on Friday, January 20th, “classic ’77 punk and raw, bratty ’80s hardcore” hybrid act No Problem (featuring Wednesday Night Heroes alumni Graeme MacKinnon) will perform at the Starlite Room with Tarantuja and Languid for $10. Prepare your neck: it’s going to hurt afterwards.

Calgary grind core titans WAKE will be performing in Edmonton at the Starlite Room on Saturday, January 28th alongside their pals in Weird Year, Ent, and Feeding. So. Much. HEAVY! Don’t miss this bill!

The end of the month sees an exceptionally strong black metal bill touring across the country; this same bill is likely to attract extremely hostile crowds and perhaps even protests. Black metal luminaries Mayhem will be performing the entirety of their landmark full-length 1994 debut De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas; they’ll be touring alongside Inquisition (fresh off the release of their August release Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith) and Black Anvil, who will unleash their fourth full-length As Was on January 13th. This tour will hit Calgary on January 30th at the Marquee, Edmonton on January 31st at the Starlite Room, and Vancouver on February 3rd at the Rickshaw.

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