Peach Pyramid at Café Koi

Wednesday 04th, January 2017 / 17:12
By Arielle Lessard

December 28, 2016

CALGARY — Calgary native vocalist, Jen Severtson, supported by Brett Cassidy of the Ashley Hundred, came together for a very personal project and first show at Café Koi, on December 28th. Set to grow under the moniker Peach Pyramid, Severtson has plans to record an album at Oscar Street Records, with the help of Kathryn Calder of The New Pornographers in the New Year.

Severtson, well equipped with her baby blue fender, and Cassidy, on console steel guitar (usually typical of Hawaiian musical fare), created a tranquil, devout and vulnerable mix between airy and electric. Sėvertson’s always striking vocals weaved well through marked lyricism and pithy flavour, with a type of talent you can’t teach. Using softness to swell and commingled chromatic tones, Peach Pyramid is unafraid of tender expression without any loss of humour or good spirit–fitting with the sight of Cassidy’s pinky toe sticking out of his worn sock.

Songs spanned hazy beach days, panic attacks in the face of social media storms, and collecting sheep in Settlers of Catan as swiftly and calmly as the drop of a curtain. Sėvertson and Cassidy had a dumbfounding amount of heart the whole performance through. The evening felt like what delicate dream-pop would sound like on an island in the 1950s: absolute honey for your thoughts.

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