Trailer Park: January 2017

Wednesday 04th, January 2017 / 14:14
By Paris Spence-Lang


Harry Potterthon – Jan. 21-22 at The Rio Theatre

When I was 11 I waited all summer to get my letter. Of course, I didn’t really expect to go to Hogwarts—just some Canadian HBC outpost version. If you were as disappointed as me when the owl failed to call your name, you’ll take solace in this two-day retreat into the world of wizards. Running through all eight movies in two days, muggles are invited to don their magical merchandise and load up on chocolate frogs for what is sure to be a wild two days of pretending you have a wand.

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James McAvoy plays 24 different people in this split-personality psychiatric thriller, including a child, a woman, and a crazy motherfucker. After abducting three teenage girls, Personality X holds a coup to take over the entire mind of Kevin, with only an old psychiatrist to stop him—along with the help of a few of Kevin’s nicer personalities. McAvoy gives the performance his all, surely realizing that this allows him 24 chances to win an Oscar. (In theatres January 20th)

Behemoth (Bei Xi Mo Shou)

While McAvoy needed 24 voices, director Liang Zhao only needs images to bring the reality of China’s environmental tragedies crashing down on his viewers. Asia’s economic growth has been harried at every step by an equally growing ecological crisis, and Zhao turns a Mongolian pit mine into a ground zero for the planet. Featuring stunning image after stunning image, you’ll walk out of this one wanting to hug a park full of trees. (In theatres January 27th)

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