AFI – AFI (The Blood Album)

Sunday 15th, January 2017 / 15:46
By Jay King

Concord Records

Oh, the sweet sound of Davey Havok’s voice has returned to sing the sorrow away for us all. Skate/emo/pop punks of yesteryear rejoice and heed the nostalgic reminisce of a time long since past. One where you were blaring 1999’s Black Sails in the Sunset, painting your nails – black of course – all while disregarding the grease stains still left over from changing your skateboard bearings just hours before.

AFI (The Blood Album) is a wicked addition to AFI’s already stellar catalogue of feel-good, harmonic, pop-punk anthems. Songs like “Aurelia” and “Hidden Knives,” showcase their trademark operatic resonance, while “So Beneath You” holds hints of their thrash roots.

From beginning to end it is what we’ve come to expect from Havok and company. Though, it is admittedly on the softer side of their sound. This must be expected being that the thrashy, skate punk style they once brandished has tailed since the turn of the century. AFI have come along way since their self-titled EP. Those looking for the ‘90s AFI might be disappointed. Those who have loved all that the band has produced since, will bask in its glory.