Poking fun at Western medicine at J.E.D. Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Clinic

Thursday 19th, January 2017 / 13:14
By Reid Carmichael

VANCOUVER — As you enter the waiting room at J.E.D. Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Clinic, you won’t notice anything entirely special. It looks like a regular clinic with a clerk’s desk and chairs in a clean, well-lit room. When I walked in, I was offered a cup of tea while I waited for Doctors Lin and Su to greet me for our interview. We met in a patient room with a bed and a desk, like any other doctors office. The only difference between J.E.D. and your average walk-in is the treatments offered. The medical clinic hosts an assortment of patients seeking traditional Chinese medical treatments like acupuncture and cupping for a wide variety of issues affecting both body and mind.

Photo: Courtesy of J.E.D

“I studied here,” Dr. Su explains. “I was learning mass communication for my Masters but after I immigrated to Canada I volunteered for seniors in a community centre. I realized a lot of seniors are not really in sick, diseased condition but, really, their body is kind of unbalanced. Not only in position unbalanced but also the mind and the whole body, internal organ situation. So if you asked them to see a doctor they say, ‘I am not sick,’ but in fact you know they are in chronic pain or they’ve got a lot of different problems, so I decided to learn traditional Chinese medicine.” Dr. Lin himself has been practicing for around seven years. Both made a strong case for, not only the treatment of seniors, but people of all walks of life.

The treatments used at J.E.D. vary from patient to patient depending on the issues present, as Dr. Lin was happy to point out. “Usually we use acupuncture or cupping or Chinese style massage and Chinese herbs. 50 percent will be pain or chronic pain and the other 50 would be depression or internal issues.” Both doctors emphasize that any of the conditions present are indicative of larger issues involving the connectivity between all regions of the body. “If a patient comes in for lower back pain we’ll definitely check their back but we also will check their tongue and their pulse to see that the energy in their body is in good condition. Then later we will ask them to lay on their tummy and we will use acupuncture to treat their back pain but also we’ll put the needles in other points to make their body’s energy more balanced.” After treatment, the doctor will give advice on prevention of future issues.

J.E.D Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Clinic is situated on Main Street between Keefer and Pender. I’ll be making an appointment for the post-Christmas pain in my ass.

J.E.D Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Clinic is located at 533 Main Street.

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