Vanpooper – Log #26: Rating the best (and worst) of Vancouver’s public toilets

Friday 27th, January 2017 / 16:44
By Michelle Hanley


The Bolt Bus

The Bolt Bus

1 out of 5

The Bolt Bus is a great discount bus service that I use frequently to go to Seattle and Portland. It is much nicer than the Greyhound, but still pretty terrible.

The bathroom on the bus is essentially a moving port-a-potty. It’s got the freaky blue water and the unsettling breeze from the toilet and the foaming hand sanitizer in place of a functioning sink. There is something particularly degrading about pooping while aboard the peasant wagon and I would recommend avoiding it. In retrospect, eating at The Cheesecake Factory immediately before a five-hour bus journey was probably a bad idea.

Canadian Tire (Cambie Street)

Canadian Tire

3 out of 5

I recently paid a visit to Canadian Tire to sob in the bathrooms after the rude cashier wouldn’t honour the flyer price on a Magic Bullet™ blender that I was trying to buy my boyfriend for Christmas. It was a truly terrible experience, weeping on a toilet, using Canadian tire money to wipe up my tears.

The quality of the bathroom at Canadian Tire nearly made up for the terrible experience at the till. The stalls were lovely and spacious and the bathroom smelled very pleasant. These toilets are quite nice, but not as nice as the bathrooms at the Home Depot.

White Spot (Kingsway)

White Spot

4 out of 5

White Spot is a local chain of mediocre casual family restaurants. I like to eat here because even though I am a grown-up adult woman, I can order two kids Pirate Paks for myself because it is cheaper than an entree and you get to eat your food from a fun cardboard boat. White Spot is great!

The bathrooms at White Spot are exceptionally lovely. There is tacky art of the Pacific Northwest on the walls. The bathrooms are clean and well stocked. Although it is pretty cramped and there is usually a line up of exhausted mothers and their irritating children waiting for the bathrooms, it is worth having a poop at.

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