Astrological Forecast 2017: Year of the Fire Rooster

Thursday 09th, February 2017 / 13:36
By Susan Horning

Illustration: Eugene Chan

VANCOUVER — The Lunar New Year lands this year on January 28, heralding the year of the Fire Rooster in the Chinese Zodiac. A combination of elements, yin fire (a candle), and the Rooster’s fixed element, yin metal (a coin), create an image of a delicate, finely crafted tool, a beautiful piece of jewelry, or a well-refined technique. Like a candle holding light in dark places, yin fire illuminates the dark while yin metal indicates style, intellect, relationships, and beauty.

The dignified Rooster is truth speaking, academic, innovative, and a keen perfectionist. Performance artists and fashion are likely to thrive with this year’s demonstrative energy. There will be lessons in love for the Monkey, Dragon, and Rat, which could inspire life-long commitments or the passions of non-exclusive affairs. The concubine of the Chinese zodiac, the Fire Rooster values sophisticated romance and is sure to put any fair-feathered romances to a hard test.

Health problems may include disorders of the reproductive organs, STIs, skin problems (rashes, acne, eczema), and could affect the lungs, large intestine, and even cause inflammation of the GI tract.

What does it mean for you? Your year and month are both relevant here.

Rabbit (Pisces): Change, challenge, and opportunity. While the bunny loves to snuggle, the sophisticated Rooster demands a much more extravagant mating ritual. Metal chops the Rabbit’s fixed element, wood, indicating minor surgeries, quarrels, and criticism. Generally soft and courteous, the Rabbit may feel backed into a corner this year, tempted to fight, flight, or bite.

Dragon (Aries): The Dragon is the best friend to the Rooster, so get ready for a good year, Dragons! The Red Phoenix and the mystical Dragon form a celestial pair, combining both talent and good looks. Enjoy your luck but save your money as 2018 will bring unexpected challenges when the Dog brings you back down to earthly levels.

Snake (Taurus): A sophisticated intellectual, planner, and truth speaker, this year everything’s on time and budget. People appreciate your efforts to schedule and organize. Enjoy recognition for your talents, beauty, and vision. Don’t let an overly pessimistic attitude get in the way of your success.

Horse (Gemini): There’s nothing to fear from this year, except true love. The cock can smell your lies, Gemini’s, so try the truth for a change. Enjoy sports and athletics, start or expand your business, travel the world, or make new friends, this year you want to be seen and will do anything to get all eyes focused on you!

Sheep (Cancer): Dear Goat: Your sensitivities are a blessing, but are also your worst curse. Thicken your skin in the face of criticism and stay focused on the task at hand. Take pride in your domestic duties and stick close to your best friend, the Horse for company and comfort.

Monkey (Leo): Refine, renew, revise. Now that you know your dark side, it’s time to reach out and get to know others. As the life of the party, people see the best in you this year. Work on your projects, relationships, and love language and you can expect to make a lasting impression on everyone you meet. It’s your time to shine.

Rooster (Virgo): Overall a lucky year. Beware any addictive, self-destructive, egotistical, pompous, or arrogant behaviour in yourself or others. Roosters are not inclined to work with their own kind, and can be ruthless and cruel in their criticism and truth-talking. Forgiveness and honest communication are key. Seek out the Snake and Ox for industrious, purposeful, and constructive ways to apply your energy.

Dog (Libra): Take it or leave it, make it or break it. Hard work pays off if you team up with the annual energy and the charm of the Monkey (your talisman). Be truthful, loving, loyal, and accountable and you’ll find this year offers good company and the promise of future success and recognition. Support, reassurance, and true friendship are the return on your genuine investment of time and energy.

Pig (Scorpio): Meticulously clean or appallingly filthy, the Pig benefits this year from the advice of the truthful Rooster. Find motivation from inspiration, apply it, and watch yourself become skillful, creative, and artistically expanded. Although money might be tight, there’s opportunity to enjoy the sights, sounds, and laughter of a well-rounded year.

Rat (Sagittarius): A clean slate, perhaps. Ready to hit the big red button and eject yourself from your house, your relationship, and your job? All at once? Think twice. Set a foundation for future growth, rather than seeking instant gratification. Choices this year will mould your life and the lives of people you know for years to come. Create your future, it’s up to you.

Ox (Capricorn): The pragmatic, dependable, and hardworking Ox can enjoy a year of accomplishment, especially where new knowledge is concerned. Re-train, upgrade, and establish yourself as a professional, but let something go, as a full plate and a heavy load may take its toll on your health.

Tiger (Aquarius): Take action. Speak your truth, but also mind your tongue. As a public speaker and team leader, we all love to see your smile, but this year you’re on a mission and it may look more like a fierce sabre-toothed snarl. There’s time to get your point across, and although urgency and fear are great motivators, their influence is seldom lasting.

Susan Horning is a Feng Shui Consultant and Bazi Astrologist living and working in East Vancouver. Find out more about her at

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