Cue the ultimate laugh track during JFL NorthWest

Monday 13th, February 2017 / 16:13
By Team BeatRoute

VANCOUVER — Sometimes you need to smile to keep from crying. It’s been a long, hard few months, with depressing weather and news keeping positive attitudes in check. What better way to shake the sads out than laughing yourself stupid? The second annual JFL NorthWest comedy festival brings that possibility to life, with almost two weeks of international and local comedy at multiple venues around the city.

Sarah Silverman

Even a severe case of epiglottitis, a condition which could result in the blockage of air to the lungs that required a life-saving operation, can’t keep this two-time Emmy winning comedian down. With a combination of sweet delivery and occasionally crass subject matter, Sarah Silverman can confound expectations. Both her special, Jesus is Magic, and her TV show, The Sarah Silverman Program, pushed buttons and took her comedy to the edge. With her latest HBO special, We Are Miracles, getting critical acclaim and a Grammy nomination, Silverman is still on fire.

Trevor Noah

It’s really Trevor Noah’s time to shine. As host of popular political comedy show The Daily Show on Comedy Central, he’s found his stride and manages to keep the show relevant while making it his own: a tough job, given he’s following in the footsteps of Jon Stewart. Hailing from South Africa, it’s only been five years since he made his US television debut on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (a first for a South African comedian), but he’s managed to transition from international success to North American fame with his singular take on world events and social issues.

Jim Gaffigan

It’s hard to overstate how popular Jim Gaffigan is. He’s one of the only comedians to sell out Madison Square Garden and has actually performed stand up for Pope Francis at the Festival of Families in Philadelphia (which had one million attendees!). He’s the most streamed comedian on Pandora with more than 647 million streams. When not acting or taking care of his five children, Gaffigan tours the country, selling out arenas like few can with his hilarious takes on life, fatherhood and, most importantly, food.

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