Just Cause pokes the bear of brutality

Monday 13th, February 2017 / 18:31
By Heath Fenton

Photo: Lisa Bayer

VANCOUVER — In the year 1997 Vancouver had a burgeoning metal scene, or what seemed like one. One of the upstart bands to sprout about this time was Just Cause. Just Cause was a project started by guitarist/vocalist Patrick J. Beaudoin when he approached the mighty Gene Hoglan about some songs he had written. The seeds were planted and the myth would grow large. They gigged heavily and in 2001 they released the monstrous album Finger It Out. The album would gain massive accolades both within Canada and internationally. They were dark menacing death metal that encompassed rampageous riot-like sounds with shadowy, buried-alive vocals.   Beaudoin’s bludgeoning elastic thrash riffs flexed with Hoglan’s signature skin-beating controlled chaos was an unstoppable force. The album was a stamp on the scene and a landmark for Canadian metal. They were on the cusp of great things to come. But alas, it was not to come. Just Cause would go on, but some steam was lost. The shows were becoming few and far between and the band would run the gamut of various lineup changes. Besides the odd sporadic show in the mid 2000’s they appeared to fall off the face of the planet.

“2007 was our last show. That was it. Then I went out east,” Beaudoin explains of the almost ten year hiatus. “After many years of doing this I found that I was not putting my priorities in the right place anymore.”

Beaudoin would retreat back to his hometown of Montreal to refocus and ultimately reset. He took a break from playing extreme metal for many years. He also enrolled in audio engineering school. It was the breathe of fresh air he needed. After his program completed he dusted off some old riffs for Just Cause and reacquainted himself with his inspiration. Slowly but persistently the riffs turned into songs and he hooked up with drummer Jon Dale (A Killer’s Confession). The two put to work the recording and engineering studies Beaudoin gained and they recorded what would be the new Just Cause.

“It was a long break, but it was the best thing I could have ever done,” Beaudoin reveals. “For myself and Just Cause, we are back. And we are the best we’ve ever been. Metal is in my blood and this is unfinished business.”

Intently fixated and recharged, Beaudoin has come out of hibernation, and is back in Vancouver. Just Cause is in a foul mood. It’s feeding time. In addition to Dale, Beaudoin has recruited a claw studded mauling crew of local bruins. Matt Modder (Crackwhore, Tyrants Blood) will be performing live drums with Aaron Gustafson (Anciients) on bass, and long time Just Cause regular Rico Forrester on guitar. 2017 marks their 20th anniversary and they will be celebrating with their return to the stage.

There is a new album under wraps, and it will remain that way, but the new material will be on full display during their live set. “Almost half our set is going to be new songs. There is a new kind of dirtiness to it,” Beaudoin oozes with zeal. “This show will definitely be epic all around. Expect brutality at its finest.”

It is not often that you get to witness a caged animal released and observe an unhinged attack relatively unscathed. Just Cause will once again be on full display in all their merciless fury. This is not a “come back,” this is a “come at you so step back.” It is refreshing news for the extreme metal world to revel in. This will not disappoint, unless you miss it.

Just Cause headline the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver on Feb 18 with Dead Asylum, Aggression, and Obsidian. They also headline Logan’s Pub in Victoria on March 4 with Torrefy and Liberatia.

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