Kid Koala – Music To Draw To: Satellite

Tuesday 14th, February 2017 / 17:41
By Alex Meyer

Arts & Crafts

Kid Koala’s Music To Draw To: Satellite is an understated, slow tonal journey across a simple, white landscape. Aided by the soft, gentle voice of Icelandic singer Emilíana Torrini, Kid Koala has made precisely what he set out to make. Soft, dreamlike sounds to have on while immersed in a project. Each song is less a song and more a canvas for the listener to impose their thoughts, ideas and visions on. Not only is the album an accompaniment to drawing, it is also great to read to, write to, or listen to while taking a long, contemplative walk through a wintry landscape.

It is a vast departure from Kid Koala’s turntablist roots, both in tone and pace. And while the Montreal-based artist has put down his tables in favour of strings and synths, there are still songs found here amidst the ambience. “Collapser” and “Fallaway” are swaying, meandering pieces that break the surface from what is otherwise a languid ambient journey that gently drifts by while the listener calmly draws, or reads, or writes.