BeatRoute BPM celebrates the greatest up and coming hip hop, R&B, soul and electronic artists that Vancouver has to offer

Tuesday 28th, February 2017 / 20:27

VANCOUVER –  Vancouver is a young and hungry city both in terms of the music it consumes and the music it produces.

Celebrating the continued growth of the Electronics Dept., we’ve decided to rebrand ourselves as BPM to be more inclusive of the local and international rap, hip hop and R&B acts that we cover in addition to the electronic music that we regularly showcase.

Beatroute Magazine is proud to present BPM Vol. 1, a fundraising event and showcase of local musicians producing contemporary hip hop, R&B, soul and electronic music for our generation.

Stevie Ross

Having just released his first neo-soul album at the beginning of the year, Something in Wonderland, Stevie Ross in on a wave. Making a conscious effort to connect with more people with his new project, Ross layers his deep soulful voice over live instrumentation and plans to take Something in Wonderland as far as he can along with his producer Aaron Hamblin a.k.a. Speechless.

Brandon Gregora

Experimenting with music is fun when you’re 22 years young and have a grip of natural talent. With just a handful of loosies floating on his Soundcloud at the moment, Gregora creates a vibe by layering his heavily filtered vocals over trap tinged instrumentals. Collaborating on tracks with peers like Stevie Ross on the regular, Gregora is poised to do whatever the hell he wants with his music.

Noble Oak

After a lengthy stint living in Toronto and touring across Japan, Noble Oak returns back to his hometown of Vancouver with a suitcase full of new experiences and immersive compositions. Having started the Noble Oak project on a whim just 6 years ago, Patrick Fiore has come a long way with his latest album, Past Life. A cozy mix of ambient down-tempo and indie dream-pop, Fiore explores ideas of change, transition and loss in his latest work.

Empathy / Kinship

Based on soothing vocals and minimal house vibes, Empathy is a new project that was created by Alison Boulier and Thom Kolb one day as they were basking in the new love they found in one another. Sonically adjacent, Kolb also produces electronic music under the moniker Kinship where he’s primarily inspired by the music his friends make and enjoy.

Jolin Ras

An inspiring creative, Jolin Ras merges his contemporary beat production style with live saxophone to create an unreal soundscape that traverses space and time. Simultaneously soulful and modern, his tracks deny the requirement of a vocal hook to create an incredible sonic performance that instantly connects with his audience on the deep and personal level.

Chapel Sound

Comprised of DJs, producers, visual artists, writers, singers and songwriters, Chapel Sound is a collective of artists who’ve joined together to push creative expression forward without boundaries or prejudice. Chapel Sound is for the children.

BPM Vol. 1 takes place at The Anza Club March 18th