Cinema in March

Wednesday 01st, March 2017 / 22:40
By Jonathan Lawrence

It’s March and winter is still hanging in there. Yes, Netflix has that stay-at-home appeal, but make sure to check out these film events in Calgary that you definitely won’t fall asleep to, popcorn bowl in hand.

Wayne’s World/Fifth Reel
Wayne’s World, the 1992 cult classic about a couple of knuckleheads who form their own talk show, officially returned to theatres all across the United States this February for its 25th anniversary. This comes as quite the delight for the thousands of dudes and dudettes across the country who still dress as Wayne and Garth every Halloween. Of course, Canada was left out of this momentous occasion. Thanks, Mike Myers.
That said, worry no more, Calgarians. Wayne’s World is coming to the Plaza Theatre on March 11th courtesy of Fifth Reel. Dressing up in costume, quote-alongs, and air-guitar are all highly encouraged. And make sure to check out the re-release on iTunes for new extras such as director’s commentary and a making-of feature – schwing!

Wim Wenders Series/Cinematheque
Calgary Cinematheque continues its study of renowned German director Wim Wenders from last month, showcasing two more of his films: Alice in the Cities and Wrong Move. Wenders initially garnered attention through his photographs of lonely, barren landscapes which may explain his fascination with introspective observations of people and the world around them. Odds are, unless you’re a film buff, you haven’t seen too many of his films; though if you like intelligent stories and thought-provoking visuals, you really should.

Alice in the Cities: When a German journalist is unhappily driving across the United States, he meets a young girl named Alice who he must reluctantly bring back to Germany. Though they initially find themselves at odds, the pair begins to form an unlikely friendship. March 2nd at the Globe Cinema.

Wrong Move: Set in 1970s West Germany, Wrong Move is the story of an aimless writer who attempts to put his life of gloom and misery behind him by leaving his hometown and befriending a group of other travelers. Though in the end, he may find that the journey doesn’t necessarily always lead to the best destination. March 16th at the Plaza Theatre.

Fire at Sea/Doc Soup
In today’s headlines of refugees and asylum seekers, Fire at Sea is as topical as ever. Reportedly, more than 17,000 African and Middle Eastern refugees have unsuccessfully attempted to cross the Mediterranean to Lampedusa in the last fifteen years. Lampedusa, an island less than eight square miles off the coast of Italy, surrounded by crystal clear waters and picturesque beaches has become known around the world not only for being a paradisiacal sanctuary, but as a site of unspeakable tragedies. It’s an unsettling juxtaposition.
Nominated for Best Documentary at the 2016 Academy Awards, Fire at Sea focuses on the Lampedusan people and the unprecedented events that are now part of their lives. See it March 1st at Eau Claire Cineplex.

Shadow World/justREEL
The arms industry is now, and has been for a long time, out of control. And not to name names, but it’s currently looking to get more contentious than ever. Shadow World, based on the 2011 book of the same name by Andrew Feinstein, exposes the shady business dealings of the military-industrial complex from arms dealers, journalists, whistleblowers and members of the US Army.
It will certainly be a frightening and eye-opening look into how the arms industry is perpetuated through state corruption and how it fosters illegitimate trade, creates worldwide paranoia and yet remains a multi-billion dollar industry. After the screening, questions and answers will be provided by Dr. Pablo Policzer, a political science professor, as well as Dr. David Jay Bercuson, who specializes in Canadian military and diplomatic history. The Marda Loop Justice Film Festival presents Shadow World as part of justREEL, its bi-monthly feature length documentary series. It will be shown on March 14th at River Park Church.




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