Omnisight wielding the trifecta of melody, groove and musicianship that is the progressive metal landscape

Thursday 09th, March 2017 / 16:45
By Johnny Papan

VANCOUVER – Omnisight’s newest release aims to be a progressive and heavy musical journey. “The Power of One is about how one person can stand up against oppression and instigate a change for the greater good. The music at times can sound dark and heavy, maybe even sombre in places, but it has a positive outlook and message about making a change from the inside out, and the power that comes from that,” says drummer Chris Warunki, who has been a part of the band since its inception, alongside singer and guitarist Raj Krishna.

“Raj is the kind of lyricist who explores the vast landscapes of spirituality, society, global events, politics, humanity and all the struggles that come with life in general,” Warunki explains. “The music we create is coming from a paradox of likely and unlikely influences mainly rooted in the ‘90s.”

The name “OmnisighT,” coined by Warunki himself, means “vision from all angles.” Often compared to acts such as Dream Theatre, Tool, and Yngwie Malmsteen, OmnisighT blends deep, pounding riffs with shreddy, thrash-like leads. “We see everything as a trifecta of melody, groove and musicianship.”

The Power of One, like the rest of the band’s catalogue thus far, is completely self-produced. “It makes more sense this way because we can have more control of the sound and work in a very flexible and efficient way,” Warunki says. “Our bassist, Dave Shannon, is a great self-taught producer and engineer. He also does our mixing and mastering.”

Songs are generally written and pre-produced by Warunki and Krishna, and are then brought to Shannon and OmnisighT’s second lead guitarist, Blake Rurik, after which the tracks fully evolve.

Warunki praises modern technology, and the freedoms artists have been graced with over time. On producing your own music, Warunki says, “It’s a skill with a learning curve where you can learn as you go. Nowadays with YouTube tutorials and easy access to technology, virtually anybody can do it. There’s more pros to the DIY approach these days than cons, in my opinion.”

Like most progressive metal artists, OmnisighT’s song length and structure is a bit more complex than your average radio hit. “We pride ourselves on the live element of the band and the challenge of playing these songs in front of an audience.” Warunki concludes, “There’s already a lot of energy on our studio recordings, and live, maybe it’s the adrenaline, but it’s somehow taken to the next level.”

Omnisight releases The Power of One on March 11 at the Astoria Hastings

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