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Worse a three headed heavy metal monster awakes

Thursday 09th, March 2017 / 16:38
by Heath Fenton

As most people in the extreme music community know, Vancouver metal legends 3 Inches Of Blood called it quits a while back, so it was just a matter of time before the members would start to resurface in new projects. Worse is the latest spin off, made up of ex-3 Inches Of Blood members, guitarist/vocalist Shane Clark (2004-end), bassist/vocalist Justin Hagberg (2004-end) and drummer/vocalist Matt Wood (2004-05). If you think they are going to be just another 3IOB clone then consider yourself greatly mistaken.

“Just listen to it. A band is the sum of its parts. Three Inches of Blood is something we all have in common and that we’re proud of, but this is the music that this combination of people is making,” Clark explains.

If any of you are familiar with the musical career arcs of these three fine fellows, then you know what Clark is talking about. Before they all came together in 3IOB in 2004, they were all in quite different bands. Clark was in stoner muscle groove band Ten Miles Wide, Hagberg was playing black/death metal with Allfather, and Wood was playing in doom mongers Goatsblood. Keeping that in mind, Worse blow any pigeonholes wide apart and in all directions. The music gets doomy at times and has a downright greasy element to it. Clark’s trademark dirty groove is instantly recognized. And with the three members all sharing vocal duties, the music has many personalities.

“I’m really into repetition. I love being hypnotized by the never-ending riff. We’ve all done vocals before and we all wanted to give it a go,” says Clark.

The seeds of Worse were actually planted about eight years ago when long time friends Clark and Wood started to jam together. Clark goes on, “When we would be home in Vancouver at the same time, which wasn’t often, we’d drink beers and jam on shit just because we see eye to eye on the concept of playing for the sake of playing. About six years ago we did a demo that we got Justin to sing on, and then we didn’t jam for about four years. It really became a thing again two years ago when we were both in Vancouver full time and we were neighbours and Justin was still on board.”

Worse has since played a couple of local shows and also recorded a recent three song demo, which was released by War Crime Recordings.

“War Crime got a hold of me and said they liked the demo and offered to put it out as a super limited cassette. I thought it was a cool idea and we’re rolling with it. Working on this with them was super chill. They put out cool stuff,” Clark says about the deal. And surely this is just the tip of the iceberg. “This year we have a few things cooking but too early to say. We’re focused on writing right now. We’re recording this year and we’ve got about three or four songs on the go. The stuff after this demo will be cool. I would rather play shows and get the music to the people. That’s the way we’ve always done things. The reason this band exists is because Matt and I liked to drink beer and jam on stuff. The focal point is the music for us at this moment, we’ll see what happens,” an enthusiastic Clark reveals.

Seek out this band right now. This is just a taste of what is to become. All three members are monsters in the extreme music community and it would be best to climb aboard the mothership as it gathers steam.

Worse have released a three-song demo, available for purchase at

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