Video Premiere: Alone in This by Christa Couture

Wednesday 29th, March 2017 / 19:14
By Liam Prost

By Jen Squires

CALGARY –Christa Couture’s music is just fashionable as her namesake implies. She’s a respectful songwriter, whose country-tinged tunes reflect honesty and warmth. Even when writing a break-up album, Couture reads her subject generously, and looks inward. After three records dealing largely with her own struggle with the cancer which claimed her leg, a break up is relatively comprehensible, and she tackles the subject with poise and tact.

BeatRoute is proud to premiere ‘Alone in This,’ a track she unravels the gulf of feeling between herself and her former partner, never lashing out, and subsequently offering a hope and optimism (concepts all too often confused). The video sees Couture and her smartly-dressed band softly playing the song in a turn-of-the-century hallway, aged wood and partly covered windows. A space devoid of the iconography of the home, but with light peaking in around the corners.

Christa Couture’s new record, Long Time Leaving is a break up album you can sing alone to in the bath, released last year.