Brevner leaves a lasting impression with striking visuals for “Chico”

Thursday 30th, March 2017 / 17:30
By: Vanessa Tam

Releasing his third visual from the Brevner EP, Matt Brevner’s authentic vision comes to life in the music video for “Chico.” Armed with a large crew working to breath life into his concept, the independent artist we able to walk away with a product that reads closer to a short film rather than a music video.

Featuring local artists Withinroots on the hook and a cameo by Stevie Ross, “Chico” tells the story of a young man who gets involved with drugs, money and girls and eventually realizes that all that glitters is in fact not gold. An amalgamation of all the trials and tribulations Brevner has endured to get to where he is now, “Chico” represents his journey.

The Brevner EP is now available to purchase and stream on iTunes and Spotify.

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