Bad Animal: Marking new territory with booze, love, and rock ‘n’ roll

Wednesday 05th, April 2017 / 09:00
By Jackie Klapak

Bad Animal want to spread their love around.
Photo: Alix Au

CALGARY – You’ve likely already heard the spellbinding sounds of Calgary’s Bad Animal on the streets of downtown. Their mesmerizing indie rock riffs conjoin with heart and hip captivating bass, anchored by rhythmic drums. Fronted by a forceful frontman with lively vocals, they create the soundtrack to your perfectly sweaty night out. Time spent with the band generally ends the same way: with a room is full of people blissfully drenched in beer and sweat.

Bad Animal has left their mark in Calgary but they are hungry for more. With the goal of meeting new faces and creating a fan base that stretches from coast-to-coast, the five guys are heading east.

“The goal is to be more hung over than I am now,” jokes frontman Ben Painter.

“We just want to have a blast and make [each] city ours.”

“We’ve been told it’s a bad idea,” mentions drummer Trevor Stoddart.

“But, if we want to become a touring band we need go to the next step,” adds Painter.

The aim is to melt faces, surprise the unsuspecting, and pull an assortment of untouched crowds into the riot that is a Bad Animal show.

“I want people to stop caring and just have fun,” says Stoddart.

He jokes, “I want people to feel how I feel, but not look how I look.”

The Bad Animal fanbase has grown significantly since their inception. After recording their debut full-length Tonight at local studio OCL and releasing it to much acclaim, the band embarked on a tour with Vancouver garage pop acts JPNSGRLS.  They’ve headlined the Listen Up! benefit for the Calgary Distress Centre, and were granted an opening slot for SWMRS and Blink-182 in Calgary. Now, they’re hitting venues near you once more to both deliver and nail new material.
Trying out new songs in familiar places, the fresh tracks are getting an amazing response.

“People seem to be liking it better than our old stuff,” says the band, laughing.

“We’re getting better and the new songs seem to be a good addition,” says guitarist Marek Skiba.

With new demos to be released in May, plans to tour twice more this year, and the potential release of new album, the boys from Bad Animal won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Bad Animal’s tour kickoff show is April 5th at Commonwealth in Calgary with Cowpuncher, Crooked Spies, and guests. Check for more upcoming tour dates.


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