Dadweed blaze and amaze on the fringes of pop rock

Wednesday 05th, April 2017 / 15:32

By Zoei Nijjar

Dadweed have got a mean case of the dad munchies. (Photo: Bryce Zimmerman)

VANCOUVER – A couple years ago, James Frost moved from Edmonton to the west coast to pursue his dream of becoming a cook. What he got was a kickass pop rock band instead. The formation of Dadweed came together in a very organic process. After quitting his job, Frost joined forces with drummer Karlan Morrison, vocalist/guitarist Stephen Nelson and bassist Ben Middleton. The process was a quick one for Frost.

“Once I started getting involved in the local music scene, it kinda exploded for me. I was so happy to meet all these likeminded people, and it was right in my back yard,” he says.

Although the band recently formed in the winter of 2015, Dadweed has already put out multiple demos, physical releases and their newest tape, Arrangements. On April 6, Dadweed is kicking off their upcoming tour, accompanied by the Australia-based band, Heart Beach.

The tour will consist of nine shows, the first of which will be in Vancouver at the beloved DIY space, 333. It will be the first show put on by the band’s in-the-making record label, Honey Pomelo. Frost explains, “Stephen and I talked a couple weeks ago about potentially creating this thing, we didn’t know what to call it yet. The tapes would be a part of it, but we also want to do a zine, make videos and put on shows.” Nelson chimes in, “I feel like the art scene is quite strong here but it lacks a bit of cohesiveness. There is a lot of separation between people that could be working together. I feel like this would bring people together to participate though different mediums and make things a little bit more accessible.”

There is no doubt that the band’s name is an attention grabber. Frost mentions, “When I was still living in Edmonton, I was smoking weed with a friend and I got super duper high. I asked him ‘Man, where did you get this?’ He said he got it from his dad and I was like oh, Dadweed?” The band made it clear that the name is just a name, and that there is no interest in having ties to weed culture or being a 4/20 band.

Dadweed perform on April 6 at 333 Clark (Vancouver).

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