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Rise above the haze at Tokyo Smoke

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Dane: it takes two to torch the place + ‘Burning Man’ single premiere

Friday 07th, April 2017 / 11:00
By Willow Grier

Local sultry rock duo Dane release “Burning Man” in April.
Photo: Justin Quaintance

CALGARY – It starts with a tiny spark, a crackle as the heat turns to flame…. And finally, there is a roaring blaze. The fires of frustration sweeping through the body start from the tips of the ears, burrowing into the pit of a stomach, eventually turning it into a molten rage.

“Burning Man,” the latest single from Calgary’s precocious low-end duo Dane, takes the listener on this heated journey. It’s a song they say was born of a sombre time, that became so much more.

“Even for a sadder song, it still has a punch and a dance-y vibe to it,” describes drummer Ethan Muzychka.

This punchy, vibrant intensity has become Dane’s signature sound. Known for their fuzzed out and groovy jams, the band especially began taking a hold on the Calgary music scene after several appearances at community building weekly Rockin 4 $. With an appearance at BIG Winter Classic and an album release under their belts, the band is gearing up to take their sound to greater heights, following up with a music video and second record release to come later in the year.

Upon listening to their self-titled debut, it’s easy to note the attention to detail and strong musical backgrounds both musicians have. For bassist/vocalist Trenton Fawcett, who attended Selkirk College to study Contemporary Music and Composition, there is a unique challenge to only having two members in the project.

“We’re trying to bring a different sort of innovation when it comes to having a two-piece rock band,” he explains. “It can be seen as limiting, but it’s an interesting challenge for us to push outside of the boundaries and create a fuller sound. When people hear us before they see us live, they tend to think we’re a full band.”

To get a taste for Dane’s chops, they recommend “Astriction of Inclination,” one of the “first songs [they] jammed together,” as Muzychka recalls.

“It’s about sexual tension so it really spices up the vibe when we play it live,” laughs Fawcett.

The track is a slow burn that winds and grooves through a fuzzed out, sultry build up and well encapsulates what the duo is capable of. But the true magic of Dane lies within that live jam.

“With the recorded songs there is a certain level of amplitude,” says Fawcett. “But when we get to play the songs live they are so much more explosive.”

The fiery tunes of Dane continue as they release “Burning Man” on April 7th in digital format. Stay tuned for their music video release in months to come and catch them live at Getto Boys Bar and Grill in Calgary April 29th. 

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