Amelia Curran – Watershed

Saturday 08th, April 2017 / 15:00


By Trent Warner

Six Shooter Records

After seven albums, it seems a strange shift for Amelia Curran to be at her most vehemently political on her latest album Watershed. However, it’s a welcome change, as her sharp wit has been present throughout her whole career, and the political undertones of this album especially are complemented by the grit in her voice.[Text Wrapping Break]Lyrically, she’s always been open, if you’ve been paying attention and reading between the lines. On Watershed, she’s more direct and more readily available – something that can be attributed to her work as a mental health advocate in Canada over the past few years.

At her softest and most tender on “Act of Human Kindness,” Curran calls for empathy and love to ensure that humanity makes it out of her perceived darkness. Shortly after, she’s at her hardest. On “No More Quiet,” she is backed by Canadian blues artist Shakura S’aida for a feminist anthem against the patriarchal status-quo often found in the music industry. She sings, “…the river has changed its direction, while I’ve had to move my own inflection…” while her voice maneuvers various rhythms, powerfully, before reaching a long drawl and celebratory, LOUD, horns. This crescendo brings the song home and demonstrates the artist’s prowess for wordplay.

Now at eight albums, Amelia Curran is a Canadian musical institution showing no signs of relenting. She’s willing, still, to share more with her audience, but it’s got to be a trade-off. If we’re going to get more from her, we’ve got to start trying a little harder, as she sings on the second last song “Try,” in our own way, to make this country a little more loving.

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