Jom Comyn – I Need Love

Saturday 08th, April 2017 / 14:00
By Brittany Rudyck


Listening to the new Jom Comyn record, I Need Love, feels exactly like shaking off the dusty, dirty snow of winter and sprinting into the sun while wearing sparkly hot pants. Or being able to fondly look back on a relationship once it’s over. That good feeling.

The 28-track record features several Edmontonian all-star appearances including Marlaena Moore, Jesse Northey, Renny Wilson, Mitch Holtby and more. It’s broken up into bite size lovelorn morsels, from tender and earnest to twangy and sassy. The quality of the album is in no way surprising, but the sudden shifts between jangly country on the track “All or Nothing,” to cavernous and somber tones on “Echo Chamber,” do offer wide variety. The first single, “Why Do You Love Me?” has a danceable, Motown vibe and perks up some of the sadder tones on the rest of the record.

Each full listen through offers up a new set of emotions to comb through. Sometimes while sitting quietly alone in the dark, or up on your feet shakin’ it. The many layers and flavours present on this album have already cemented it as one of the best in 2017 thus far. I think we have plenty of reasons to love you, Jom Comyn. Plenty.

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