Prozzäk – Forever 1999

Saturday 08th, April 2017 / 20:00
By Lisa Marklinger

Lefthook Entertainment

There’s something to be said about the movement going on in the last few years; that whole resurgence of somewhat popular bands from the early-to-mid-‘90s, throwing an album down like “yes! We’re still here! And it’s not just for the royalty cheques!” Except, IT IS JUST FOR THE ROYALTY CHEQUES.

It seems we’re living in an era where people seldom hear the word “no” anymore. Maybe their label agreed, and said of course the fans want to hear more, even if the duo has been inactive for twelve of their nineteen years in the business.

What’s to say, then? You could look at Prozzäk’s Forever 1999 with the same sort of wonder and amazement a toddler would look at anything. Those words don’t always have to imply a positive connotation, by the way, but for fairness sake, uptempo, bubble-gummy, radio electro-pop appeals to some people because it’s catchy, uncomplicated, relatively easy to ignore, and won’t cause allergies or homicides.

To this reviewer, it’s like deliberately causing someone to suffer anaphylactic shock. “Love me Tinder?” No, stick with “Sucks to be You.” I know, I know. Be nice. Unfortunately, numbers don’t lie, and if we can go ahead and compare this to prescription anti-depressants (big reach there) it’s safe to bet that out of 100 people, at least 65% will suffer an adverse reaction to this album.

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