Languid: Edmonton Crust Punks are Battle Scarred

Monday 10th, April 2017 / 21:00
By Sarah Kitteringham

This band doesn’t have a goddamn picture, so we used their album cover instead.

“We’re Languid, we play hardcore punk.”

So begins Edmonton entity Languid. The band has no Facebook page; they don’t offer names. When your Bandcamp is populated with music, who needs a biography? Rather than pontificate, they record. Rather than develop a presence online or take pictures that represent them as some sort of ‘entity,’ they head into venues and level the crowd with short bursts of gruff and powerful songs.

“We’re not reinventing the wheel by any means, we’re playing punk influenced by Discharge, and bands that were influenced by Discharge. We make music that we in turn would want to listen to, paying respect to those that have inspired us.”

They continue, “We started in the winter of 2014 and have been constantly gigging and writing songs since. Our first actual release was the Demo 2015. There was a litany of delays in between then and now in terms of releases, but meanwhile [we] have been very active.”

On their upcoming full length Resist Mental Slaughter, the band delivers 12 songs. Captured by Derek Orthner of Begrime Exemious fame, the record is bare bones. Like their previous recordings, the vocals are skillfully placed in the mix, giving the music a live-off-the-floor feel.

The whole package is heavy and gruff, with skillful integrations.  Take the jarring, high neck guitar solo in “Total Death,” which veers between hardcore punk and metal. It’s comparable to Battle Ruins, with a hefty dollop of attitude and weirdness. The album cover also veers into punk-is-friends-with-metal territory with its axe-wielding warrior, reminiscent of the artwork for Bolt Thrower’s War Master [1991], as if designed by Voivod’s Michel Langevin.

“Andy from Darkwood Design in Portland has been churning out some really insane artwork so we asked him to do it,” says the band. A quick perusal of his portfolio reveals artwork that is consistently strong and stark, featuring exclusively black and white line work and shading.

“The initial idea was to have a single striking character like the later Anti Cimex records, we figured the only way to make it better was to splice it with the first two Iron Maiden records as well.”

Meanwhile, the lyrics encourage you to damn the man, resist, and fight.

“Everything we write essentially just has to do with living day to day dealing with the bullshit life has to offer, the title track is basically just about not letting the bastards grind you down.”


Languid will perform at the Edmonton release party for Resist Mental Slaughter on April 15th at the Sewing Machine Factory. Falsehood, Demise, and Paroxysm will also perform. To purchase a copy of the album, contact Languid on Bandcamp or head to your local record store. 

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