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Seasons Festival 2017 Recap

By Johnny Papan

April 14-15, 2017

Photo by Isaac Wray

VANCOUVER – The Seasons Festival main event at the Pacific Coliseum culminated in two straight days of pounding bass, wavy synths and blissful euphoria. Dressed in their tightest and brightest outfits, the crowd greeted each night with high-fives, hugs with strangers and cheshire cat grins as the music guided them through their own emotional vibrations.

Photo by Isaac Wray

What was most impressive about the festival as a whole, aside from its versatile yet complimentary lineup of artists, was the production value of the stage set-up and visuals. Each performance dawned with a unique video-projection that perfectly encapsulated the subconscious theme of the music being played.

Photo by Isaac Wray

One of the first standout examples of this was the transportive performance by Illenium, who opened his set with soothing vibes and complimentary imagery of oceans, space, and nature. Later, the relaxing sounds turned into a shout as Illenium ascended into rattling deep dubs that bounced across the sea of ravers.

Photo by Isaac Wray

Day one ended with co-headliners Galantis and Excision taking the stage, each performing their own contrasting spectrum of bangers. While Galantis’ set felt like a crazy beach party on a summer day, Excision’s brought an intense, alternate-reality experience with enough power to overwhelm the feint of heart. Paying tribute to his own hyper-idealized vision of our planet, which contained robotic monsters, ferocious dinosaurs and the illuminative eyes of pyramids, Excision later paid a heavy-hitting tribute to the world’s favourite gorilla, Harambe, may he rest in peace.

Photo by Isaac Wray

Day two kept the energy flowing with a tripped out future bass set by young producer Alan Walker. Having recently gained most of his viral success over the past couple years, he was by far one of the fan-favourites at the festival. His recognizable tracks “Alone,” “Sing Me to Sleep” and “Faded” had the crowd echoing their voices in unison from beginning to end.

Bringing the festival to an end were the trance legends Above & Beyond whose deep and groovy performance ended the two day rave with a positive message, “Life is made of small moments like this. There is more that we share than what divides us. We are one.”

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