Alex and Allyson Grey finding the sacredness in art and the art in sacredness

Monday 24th, April 2017 / 13:39
By Jennie Orton

VANCOUVER – Well within the mind lattice, amongst the Fibonacci rhythm of the universe, Alex and Allyson Grey hold court. Long a union forged by a mutual love of the sacred and the psychic, the Greys have expressed through art what most of us feel but cannot conceptualize. It is through their efforts as teachers that the Greys look to show us all how we can find sacredness in art and within ourselves.

“Some artists have a vision but haven’t developed the skill to communicate it effectively. Some artists have plenty of skill but haven’t cultivated a unique vision. The best artists cultivate both vision and skill and dedicate their work to serving a higher purpose,” says Grey.

Alex and Allyson have developed a refuge called CoSM in the Hudson Valley of New York where they intend to help open-minded and budding artists to do just that.

“Forty wooded acres of beauty and several buildings support CoSM community in powerfully attuning with the soul’s regenerative creative forces in the tranquil beauty of nature. At CoSM, we host Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, Deities and Demons Masquerade Ball, and weddings, baby blessings and memorials. Grey House is filled with art and altars. The Wisdom Trail through the woods features natural beauty, altars, a labyrinth, a reflecting pond, murals and sculptural installations. CoSM’s 10-bedroom guest house is open for guests every night of the year. Day-visitors are welcome four days a week,” explains Grey.

It is not only funding but understanding of this rare place and the experiences offered there that bring the Greys to Vancouver for their four-day event. By offering an art workshop on April 27 at The Post on Hamilton, a feature presentation at the Vogue on April 28, a multimedia night dubbed ‘MetaCoSM’ at the Imperial on April 29, and a book-signing event at Banyen Books on April 30, the Greys are hoping to stimulate the aether we all seem so good at ignoring in our hustle to be self-conscious Vancouverites while further funding their efforts.

At these events, guests can expect to gain an understanding of what has made the Greys a particularly beloved pair of artists by those who advocate consciousness expansion and creative expression — everyone from Timothy Leary to Deepak Chopra to Tool, most of whose album art Alex Grey was responsible for. It quickly becomes evident what it is about the Greys and their practice that lends itself so well to finding sacredness in the everyday.

“From the mind of the creator to the public meme stream, we recognize the impact of important voices in our culture, important visions for the future. We can only move toward that which we imagine, so that puts the arts and media in a powerful position to become drivers and representatives of the collective imagination.”

But if you are looking for a taste of “how to better remember ‘a vision’ amidst the tumultuous inner waves of the psychedelicized mind,” Grey suggests to “try to remember the feeling you are having when the vision occurs. Write it down and sketch, even badly, soon after if possible. Then, when you create something and it begins to remind you of that feeling, then you are close. It isn’t easy. I have puke-stained sketchbooks from Ayahuascaville. Finally, it is about surrender to love. Let go. Explore. Let your mind go free. If you think you are in trouble, lie comfortably open, untangled, close your eyes, breathe, look and listen. Keep your inner eye open for the beauty.”

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