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The Funk Hunters Distil A Decade of Festival Flavours into Debut Album

The Funk Hunters Distil A Decade of Festival Flavours into Debut Album

By Prachi Kamble VANCOUVER – Christmas is hardly the time to retire your turn-up gear. British Columbia’s world class EDM…


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Freddie Gibbs Live at Fortune Sound Club

Monday 24th, April 2017 / 15:18
By Zak Johnson

Photo by Bryce Hunnersen

Freddie Gibbs Live at Fortune Sound Club – April 20, 2017

VANCOUVER – The hottest party in Vancouver this 4/20 was at Fortune Sound Club. The venue hosted the “420 Night Market”, appropriately headlined by Freddie Gibbs. Several weed outlets and software applications, including Wealth Shop, TOKEiT, Moonrock Canada, and Toko Gold, sponsored the event. Representatives of these businesses greeted patrons at the door, and with download of an app you were given a free spliff. As you can guess, almost everyone had a joint in hand by the end of the night.

Photo by Bryce Hunnersen

Freddie Gibbs is currently on tour throughout North America to promote his new album; You Only live 2wice, which was inspired by his time wrongly imprisoned in an Austrian jail. The Indiana MC spent most of his time writing rhymes in the hopes that he would be able to turn his work and lost time into a published project. Now, he has turned those plans into reality with an album that drips with honest reflection.

Photo by Bryce Hunnersen

Local DJs and MCs opened up for Freddie Gibbs, including DJ Seko, Kal Capone, and DAAMCP. While the openers put on an interesting show that normally would’ve gotten a rise out of the crowd, most attendees were already either stoned or burnt out, and instead stood almost completely still, patiently waiting for the primary talent of the night.

Photo by Bryce Hunnersen

Freddie Gibbs walked on stage and greeted the then strung out crowd shortly after midnight. Approaching the audience triumphantly, Freddie sported a Canucks jersey and bling that would put Flava Flav to shame. Coming straight out of jail and feeling particularly unforgiving towards law enforcement, Freddie got the crowd to chant ‘f*ck the police’ multiple times throughout the set.

Photo by Bryce Hunnersen

Freddie, with a nod to his older fans, started off the show mostly with hits like “Careless”, “Deeper”, and “Still Living”, all from his earlier solo albums and collaborations with MadLib. Halfway through the show, Gibbs played a barrage of new songs from YOL2, including “20 Karat Jesus”, “Crushed Glass”, and “Amnesia”.

Photo by Bryce Hunnersen

Freddie’s silky flow was on point, able to bust lyrics and get the previously paralyzed crowd to dance to his smooth beats while looking like he wasn’t even trying. Amid the deep haze of smoke from the joints everyone was lighting up, one could tell both the audience and Freddie himself were thoroughly enjoying their 4/20 experience.



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