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Tyler, The Creator Moves Mountains And Shakes The Earf On Igor Tour 

Tyler, The Creator Moves Mountains And Shakes The Earf On Igor Tour 

By Darrole Palmer   October 15, 2019 Pacific Coliseum   Tyler, the Creator has taken his alter ego, Igor, on the road and he’s making all the…

Com Truise Looking for a break from the sounds of planets whizzing by

By Hollie McGowan

VANCOUVER – It’s been a decade since Seth Haley started producing music as Com Truise, and now he wants nothing more than to slow things right down.

“It’s not a race,” he mentions over Skype from his current home in L.A. “It’s good to take your time. When the press release was completed for this record, it hadn’t dawned on me that it’s been six years since the release of my last album. I used to rush, but I like the results better now when I take my time.”

Perhaps it’s growing older, or perhaps it’s the current situation that the music industry is in, swirling deep in an online maze where everything sits at people’s fingertips ready to be consumed and then spat out again as soon as possible. Either way, Seth Haley is finding that his biggest lesson since his inauguration into the world of chill wave has been to literally, well, chill.

“I’m just trying to get out more,” says Haley. “Little things like spending more time at the grocery store are more freeing [these days]. Sometimes I feel like I should just get a real job, like at a record store or something, while I’m at home, just to distract me.”

One would think that after ten years, the desire to switch up a routine would be a logical step in an artist’s career. Most things come in cycles and the last decade of Haley’s life as Com Truise, the intergalactic space human, has been a whirlwind into another dimension. His moniker has already travelled through space, lived through the hazards of life on planet Wave 1, met the alien love of his life, and is finally now, with the release of Iteration June 16th on Ghostly International, finding peace in a galaxy far, far away. “I’m in a weird transition phase,” he goes on to explain. “As I’m getting older, I’m realizing that I’d much rather have some [peace and] quiet.”

Moving from New York to Los Angeles away from his family and friends has certainly given him some breathing space, in addition to short bouts of loneliness. “I’m from New York originally and I get very homesick. That has clouded my creative process [for a while].” Despite those setbacks, however, Iteration eventually surfaced and Haley is finally able to breathe a sigh of relief while closing a chapter to a narrative that has become closely intertwined with his creative process.

“I just find it easier for me to write with a narrative,” shares Haley. “Writing with a narrative has helped me keep everything cohesive. This album, Iteration, is definitely the final chapter [within that story]. I could go on forever with it, but it’s good to have a beginning and an end.”
It may be the end of this particular tale, but certainly not the end for Com Truise and the evolution of Haley’s musical career. “I’m excited to start fresh and possibly begin writing a different story or idea; maybe I’ll dabble in some other styles of music that I used to make. Maybe a little more ambient, a little more dancey. Who knows?”

Com Truise performs May 5 at the Imperial.

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