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Shambhala 2017

Shambhala 2017

By Michelle Swami August 11 – 14, 2017 Salmo River Ranch, BC VANCOUVER – This year marked the 20th anniversary of…


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Oddisee Live at the Biltmore Cabaret

Wednesday 17th, May 2017 / 16:14
By Jacob Saltzberg

Oddisee Live at the Biltmore Cabaret
May 12, 2017

ODDISEE – Photo by Darrole Palmer

VANCOUVER – Oddisee performed at the Biltmore Cabaret on May 12 with his band GOOD COMPNY, following the release of his latest album The Iceberg. The Iceberg is Oddisee’s third release in less than 12 months, a reflection of the prolific rapper, producer, and musician’s impressive work ethic. The album is wildly diverse- incorporating elements of jazz, dance, trap, gospel, and even go-go music, while congruently paying homage to Oddisee’s roots as a poetic lyricist and boom-bap producer. The eclectic album features luscious live instrumentation from GOOD COMPNY.


Olivier St. Louis warmed up the stage, and his soulful, laid back sound captivated the audience. He then proceeded to join with his band mates as the guitarist of GOOD COMPNY as Oddisee took the stage. Right at the beginning, the undeniable chemistry the band showed on The Iceberg was evident. The band transitioned smoothly between deep grooves and more experimental solos and improvisation.  Oddisee himself rode these transitions with mastery- his rhyming patterns were immaculate, lyrics thought provoking, and his delivery was honest. Some highlights included a slowed-down version of gospel-influenced Built by Pictures, and an uplifting performance of Want to Be- during which the crowd chanted the chorus joyfully “I just wanna be happy/ I just wanna be free”.

ODDISEE – Photo by Darrole Palmer

Oddisee and GOOD COMPNY’s showmanship was truly impressive. The performers developed an authentic connection while maintaining a positive vibe that noticeably uplifted the mood of the crowd. They looked genuinely happy to play music simply for the love of it. After the show ended, Oddisee walked down to the floor, and the crowd was full of smiles. Perhaps the lines from the chorus of Want to Be describe the core message of the show best: “I just wanna be happy/ I just wanna be free”.

ODDISEE – Photo by Darrole Palmer

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