VIDEO PREMIERE: Eli Muro – “Untangling”

Wednesday 24th, May 2017 / 12:04
By Racquel Villagante

Eli Muro – Untangling

VANCOUVER — Producer/DJ/visual artist Eli Muro premieres new video for “Untangling,” portraying the complex relationship and subsequent entanglement that we often find ourselves in with various people and substances. What’s visually captured is an aesthetically pleasing yet simultaneously chaotic dance between two hands intertwined and gradually disconnecting. The film later reveals a gold string tightly twisted and tangled between the two hands, and then slowly loosening and coming unraveled by the end. Shot and directed by Nancy Lee, VJ, installation artist and one of the founders of Vancouver’s electronic music collective, Chapel Sound, the video is the very first collaboration between the two artists outside the Chapel Sound collective.

When asked about the inspiration behind the video’s concept, Muro shared with BeatRoute, “I was struggling with my own feelings of entanglement very heavily at that time, and I needed to put it somewhere so I could see it from the outside and make sense of it.” Further reflecting back on the time of the video’s inception, Muro says, “I had a moment of clarity where I realized that pulling away violently only makes the knot tighter and that turning to face whatever the situation is is necessary to loosen the hold it has on you.”

For Muro, music is a medium through which he says, “I can communicate some of the more complicated things that I might not be able to express otherwise, and this idea just was so clear in my mind that I felt it needed to be experienced visually as well.” With an artistic background focusing on visual mediums, and currently wrapping up his Interaction Design degree at Emily Carr this summer, Muro’s natural tendency is to think of music with visual accompaniment.

As of late, Muro has been weaving more organic instrumental elements into his musical tapestry, incorporating harpists, sax players and guitarists. Extending even further beyond the traditional electronic music paradigm with “Untangling,” Muro sources classical strings, footwork and heavily percussive rhythms to locate “something visceral and moving.” The single features both Berkeley cello player, Patrick Finazzo, and violinist Amine Bouzaher from Simple Machines and IMUR.

Some experimental collaboration with composer John Korsrud for a multimedia musical performance piece and a brand new record are all upcoming projects to anticipate from Eli Muro over this next year.

You can catch Muro this summer at the first of a series of “Cats only Club” monthly events with Michael Red and Nancy Lee on June 16, as well as at Basscoast Music Festival with Chapel Sound on July 7.