Fast Romantics – American Love

Thursday 25th, May 2017 / 12:23
By Jodi Brak

Light Organ Records

Hot on the heels of winning a 2016 nomination for the SOCAN Songwriting Prize for their song ‘Julia,’ Ontario’s Fast Romantics are set to release their sophomore album, titled American Love. Proof that the traditions of Canadian rock and roll are alive and well in 2017, the album is packed with rich-sounding music that is layered with instruments and narrative song writing that manages to simultaneously capture a piece of Canadiana while remaining accessible to rock fans of all stripes.

The sound throughout the album remains full-bodied, with rare dips into slower, more introspective sounding bridge sections during some tracks. The core of most songs come straight from the roots of rock music with tastefully distorted guitar and driving percussion delivered in almost every track on the album. Sporadic synth rhythms and the distinct ringing of bells and chimes round out the musical arsenal, adding an extra layer of sonic depth to the music. One caveat to American Light is that, if you are looking for variety, this album is lacking it in some ways. The sound, tone and tempo is more or less consistent throughout the entire album, so don’t go into it expecting a rollercoaster of musical changes.

Chances are, if you have listened to any Canadian radio in the last six months or so, you have heard the single “Why We Fight,” which was released in January of this year. If you enjoyed that track, chances are this album will pique your interest as a whole. Cover to cover, it delivers a solid, upbeat-yet-introspective rock and roll sound.

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