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Master of Disguise: The Groundbreaking Art of Cindy Sherman

Master of Disguise: The Groundbreaking Art of Cindy Sherman

by Yasmine Shemesh In one image, she’s done up like a 1920s movie star — thin eyebrows, pouty lips, and…

Girlpool – Powerplant

Friday 26th, May 2017 / 12:00
By Liam Prost

Anti- Records

It’s amazing what drums can do. Girlpool’s second full length, Powerplant, opens with the sultry tonality we expect from the LA two piece. Soft bass, and a brittle guitar line set the scene, and dual fronting vocals from Harmony Tividad, and Cleo Tucker perfectly and imprecisely offset each other. Then, with a quick roll, a full drum kit enters the mix, and the song becomes a garage rock anthem. We suddenly find both frontwoman belting and ripping, and it feels exactly right. Drums fit so naturally into their music that if you had never heard the two-piece before, you might expect them to have been a garage rock band all along. Their early work isn’t devoid of the same rawness, but the lack of a rhythm section entirely brought a meditative quality that is mitigated somewhat on Powerplant. This isn’t a detriment however, there is a spring in their step on the new record, even on slower tracks like “Fast Dust” and “Your Heart,” the former of which contains barely any drums. Songs are louder and more distorted here, and while it makes for a more straightforward rock album, it holds onto the charm and quirk of their first releases. Girlpool is bigger and louder on Powerplant, and while they find themselves leaning into genre, they manage to reap the benefits of rhythm with few of the drawbacks.

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