Woods – Love is Love

Sunday 28th, May 2017 / 13:00
By Shayla Friesen


Brooklyn’s Woods fuel our hearts fire on their latest, Love is Love. This six-track short, yet illustrious, work reflects on the current political climate in the US with a peaceful mirror rather than vain rumination. It serves as a reminder of “energy flows where attention goes” – their attention flowed fluidly and rapidly with this one, taking a mere two months to be written and recorded subsequent to the latest US election. The short and sweet care package provided by Woods is a refreshingly psychedelic lemonade; it electrifies and entices with twists of jazz and packs sweet punches of worldly beats and entrancing rhythms.

“Love Is Love” starts off with a layered, reverbing beat blended with Latin flair, then soothes the listener with the lead guitar that cuts through with concise conviction. “Bleeding Blue” holds horns which shine out, reminiscent of Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother, while heeding warning with lyrics, “If we want love – hate can’t stay”. “Lost In A Crowd” portrays the feeling of when one’s guts are tangled in knots, sublimely depicting how many are feeling after the election: “Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse/I’m lost in a crowd; a descending darkness/And it feels like a dream, but the trip gets worse/And I’m lost in a crowd”.

The star-crossed beatnik/nu folk flower “children” created a warm, hopeful album that gracefully transitioned from their last, City Sun Eater In The River Light. The 60’s West looks to today’s East; Brooklyn must be the center of the new Haight Ashbury – watch the magic unfold.

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