Calgary Beat: PRLR Tearing Up Tuesday Nights + Playlist

Tuesday 30th, May 2017 / 21:40
By Willow Grier
In a city with a delightful selection of weekly events to choose from, an unassuming night is carving out a splendid little niche in one of Calgary’s most underrated bars. PRLR, with its classic furnishings and modern cocktails, nestled beneath the Oak Tree Tavern in Kensington, brings the history of deliciously emotional music to the table, with a $5 Old Fashioned in tow.
Alonso Melgar(The Fifth Reel, We Are Not Ghosts, Fake Werewolves) takes listeners on a journey starting decades ago with a deep cuts selection of the finest pop-punk, post-punk, shoe-gaze, and emo to tug at your heartstrings and delight your eardrums.
Meanwhile, Matt Mosley, an artist behind the bar, serves a fine assortment of custom cocktails, with a guarantee that he can find something to tickle your fancy; along with a great story or two.
Torn Up Tuesdays will be the emo music lover’s new favourite weekly, and beginning in June, you’ll be able to sing along to your favourite hits as Fossil Records and BeatRoute team up with the PRLR crew to bring Torn Up Tuesdays: Karaoke, on the last Tuesday of every month (June 27th! Save the date!).
Get a feel for Torn Up Tuesdays with a playlist specially selected by Alonso Melgar.
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