Mount Kimbie pivots their production style with their upcoming new album

Tuesday 06th, June 2017 / 08:15
By Jamie Goyman

VANCOUVER – Mount Kimbie, comprised of Kai Campos and Dominic Maker, have been tantalizing eardrums of proper heads for the past eight years. At first stunning fans with their deviation from the steady electronic music feed when they first came on the scene in 2008, the duo created a sound that was cut with that certain something that listeners keep an ear up for.

Their last release, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, from 2013 has continued to immerse fans into their direct and minimalist soundscapes that they have continued to shape and expand on over the years. “The most enjoyable aspect of putting stuff out and having other people hear it is the idea that in someway, I may have provoked somebody else to do something,” tells Campos.

The now continentally split duo, with Maker living in LA and Campos in London, still manage to find time to travel and record for their new record that’s set to come out later this year. A common theme that the duo plans to push with the new record is the concept of releasing control. “[When] putting records out, there’s a black and white period between the time you make music and the time when you have to deal with it being your career,” explains Campos. “When you [receive] any amount of success, you are inherently encouraged to keep doing the same thing or a slight variation of the same thing. We fortunately have great managers who are really into music [and encourage us to continue to push our sound as artists]. There’s this thing about the music industry being geared toward putting out sameness. Creativity isn’t really about that.”

The upcoming release, which is still untitled and being kept quiet for now, has brought Mount Kimbie to a whole new stream of creative thought when it comes to their production process where they’re focused less on minuet details and more on the energy of each track. “I guess this is kind of an exercise to see what happens when you take that away from yourself and see what’s left,” Campos clarifies. “That was quite interesting on its own; it kind of informed how we recorded and what equipment we used, it wasn’t forced and felt like a natural way to go.

Relinquishing control of every minor detail allows for the music to breath more when being created, which I find very interesting.” The wait has been long, but the payoff for music that keeps fans on their toes years later is always worth it.

Kicking off their North American tour in May, the plan is to continue their never-ending cycle of touring and recording. “We aren’t super busy this summer so we will be writing a bunch of new music [and going to] play festivals on the weekend,” says Campos. “October will be full circus mode [with] the album coming out and touring.” In the eyes of Mount Kimbie fans, 2017 is shaping up to be one sexy year.

Mount Kimbie performs at The Imperial June 8th.

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