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Vibes: Uncompromising Positivity in the Pit

Wednesday 07th, June 2017 / 10:00


By Kennedy Pawluk

Positive lyricism mashed into raw, cutting hardcore riffs.
Photo by Haley Pukanski

EDMONTON – Over the last two years Vibes have grown to be one of Edmonton’s premier hardcore punk bands. Beloved for their high-energy performances, it’s possible the ethics ascribed to their empowering lyrics may get lost in the mix during the intense atmosphere of their live show.Their brand-new debut LP Aggressive Positivity shoves these messages to the forefront and reminds listeners hardcore doesn’t have to be self deprecating or negative.

Aggressive Positivity is a series of 10 short bursts of raw punk energy, with a focus on self-betterment, personal motivation and escaping harmful negative cycles. It’s all delivered via strained, hopeful screams.

“It occurred to me that maybe people getting into hardcore now might not necessarily be interested in the old, positive bands like I was and they might not even be aware that positive hardcore is an option for them,” vocalist Mattie Cuvilier explains. Indeed, there is a massive history of positive hardcore (posi-core, for those in the know) that includes bands like 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Comeback Kid, and many more.

“It doesn’t have to be about suicide, or that violence is the only answer, it doesn’t have to be a completely black and white message,” he continues.

“There’s room for discussion, there’s room to spread messages, there’s room to spread ideas and I think we want to have that diversity in our messages.”

“The band I was in before had a lot of negative content and I felt I was just steeping in that,” Cuvilier reveals.

“We did this big tour, and everyday I was preaching this negativity. After awhile it got me thinking about what I’m putting my energy into. If I’m going to put something out into the world I should be trying to put my best foot forward and instead of talking about me at my worst I should use this music to help aspire to be better. So, every time we do a Vibes show or when we jam every week I’m reinforcing those messages for myself. It’s very therapeutic. It’s very good to get it out there and do your thing in a positive way and it’s really helped me move forward since we’ve started this band.”

Vibes offer up their own spin on a genre that can be perceived as largely negative; providing refreshing insight to a community who may seem vexing and brashly outspoken at times.

“If we get every 20th hardcore fan to be interested in this message, that’s wicked!”


Aggressive Positivity is out now on Double Lunch Records and can be streamed at! Catch Vibes June 10 at Tubby Dog (Calgary).

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