Rococode delivers the goods straight from synth heaven with Young Ones

Thursday 08th, June 2017 / 18:41
by Adesuwa Okoyomon

Photo by Lauren D Zbarsky

VANCOUVER – Vancouver duo Rococode are equal parts the indie pop band who could have gotten you through puberty and the band you could have formed in your parents garage during your brooding phase; alas, no garages were infiltrated in the making of this band. The duo met on MySpace and joined forces to form the band that is regarded as one of Vancouver’s best-kept secrets.
Starting out as a guitar driven rock band, Rococode’s sound “has become much more rooted in electronic elements and synthesizers as [their] interests and tastes have shifted in that direction.”

The band’s new EP, Young Ones, doesn’t just feature a whole new sound but a new message as well—one that is more direct and relatable. The songs were written over the course of a week in downtown Los Angeles and the sonic aspect created during a week-long residency at the National Music Centre in Calgary; a place the band has dubbed “Synth Heaven.”

Laura Smith’s pleading vocals blend perfectly with Andrew Braun’s voice which quivers beautifully but can still surprise you with a little bit of bite at just the right moment. Together they create a haunting sound that Andrew calls “a marriage of our contrasting personalities.”
Rococode’s affinity for synths, guitars, (heavy) bass and drums, and catchy melodies give them the power to make you snap your fingers and bob your head even to melancholy songs with aching lyrics that will leave a lasting impression. This shines through on the title track, “Young Ones” which the band insists is the happiest song they’ve ever recorded, “but still has the underlying subtlety and layers to peel away and somehow fits in with what Rococode is.” Although Smith and Braun are constantly evolving, “Young Ones” speaks to the EP as a whole because it is “a good representation of where [they] are at and how [they] see the world and [their] place in it.”

Embarking on a tour of the US west coast, the band is looking forward to writing a full-length album this Summer and touring and recording in the Fall months.

Rococode perform at the Railway Stage and Beer Cafe (Vancouver) on June 10.