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The Funk Hunters Distil A Decade of Festival Flavours into Debut Album

The Funk Hunters Distil A Decade of Festival Flavours into Debut Album

By Prachi Kamble VANCOUVER – Christmas is hardly the time to retire your turn-up gear. British Columbia’s world class EDM…


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Dead Fibres: Psych Punks Let Go and Get Loud(er)

Saturday 10th, June 2017 / 12:00


By Brittany Rudyck

Unlocking tasty psychedelic secrets with the help of bologna sandwiches.
Photo by Susana

EDMONTON – On a recent tour of the prairies, psych punk trio Dead Fibres attempted to make it to karaoke, but not before chugging back a bottle of New Amsterdam vodka. In a video since lost to the infinity of the Internet, bassist and vocalist Kennedy Pawluk’s face distorts in agony as he takes a swig from the clear bottle.

Although they ultimately missed karaoke, Pawluk and bandmates Brandon de Gans (drums) and Zachary Mouallem (guitars/vocals) continued their tour with bologna sandwiches and ramen without knowing they would be recording a new EP shortly after their arrival home.

Dead Fibres have been together for nearly a decade courtesy of the branches of their family tree: Pawluk and de Gans are cousins. They went to junior high with Mouallem, eventually merging as the tight knit crew they are today.

Their newest release Stashbox is a sure sign the band is figuring out exactly where they’d like to go with their sound. The EP is a flustered collection of five tracks, created quickly within the span of a few months. It captures the best of their sound, collected from their previous releases.

The creative process is resolutely different than it was for their self-titled debut, haphazardly put together before the band had played a show.

“We thought we couldn’t play or nobody would care until we had these songs,” Pawluk explains.

The result echoed what garage rock should be: unpolished, energetic and loud. Their second album, Disgusting People With Disgusting Motives used the garage rock base to advantageously balance more refined elements of psychedelia. They also chose to work with a producer and a studio, a first for the young band.

Their latest effort witnesses the band relaxing in the creative process, letting their instruments communicate a driving savagery while the vocals have become slightly more boisterous and unabashed. After playing together for so many years, they continue to deepen their artistic trust, as most songs are conceived via spontaneous jams.

“For Stashbox, we worked quickly,” de Gans tells BeatRoute.
“There’s something about the first time you jam a song that’s always the best time you play it because it’s fresh and you’re excited. With this release we let it be what it is; it’s still in tune with the first moments we made these songs.”

So what’s next for the trio?

“We wanted to buy a bunch of synths and make long, trippy songs,” says Pawluk, smiling.

De Gans concludes with a laugh, “this was supposed to be a synth album.”


Party with Dead Fibres June 17 at their EP release show at the Sewing Machine Factory (Edmonton) or June 23 at Tubby Dog during Sled Island (Calgary).

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