Sledmonton 2017: Smashing the Patriarchy One Siren Song and Fart at a Time

Saturday 10th, June 2017 / 15:17
By Brittany Rudyck

Catch Feed Dogs at the Royal Canadian Legion #1 on June 23 when they open for Vancouver’s Tough Age.
Photo by Levi Manchak

EDMONTON – Edmonton musicians are very good at carving out a space for themselves by putting their hearts – and farts – very openly on the line. In the spirit of caring and flatulence sharing, BeatRoute Edmonton sat down with a cross-section of hard working (and hilarious) bands and asked them a few lighthearted (read: ridiculous) questions ahead of their performances at Sled Island. Among them were indie rock act Bad Buddy, queer sludge trio Truster, punk band Feminal Fluids, rap DJ Hood Joplin, pop-punkers Feed Dogs, and screamo favourites I Hate Sex. Our nonsensical conversation is reiterated below.

BeatRoute: Who are you?

Feminal Fluids: We are three vegan feminist punks out to destroy the patriarchy through song, sweat and farts.

Bad Buddy: Bad Buddy A.K.A. The Best Band in the World.

Feed Dogs: We are Feed Dogs, a pop-punk band from Edmonton.

Hood Joplin: HJ: Millwood’s finest. I DJ and make beats.

I Hate Sex: Hi! I am Nicole Boychuk! I do vocals in and manage the band I Hate Sex. I also book shows with Good Grief Collective amongst many, many, many other things.

Brunch Club: I’m Ellen! I’m the bass player/vocalist for Brunch Club (a jangle pop band) and I write the songs!

Truster: Stacy, Jade and Tanisha. We play scary doom.

BR: What is the wildest thing you’ve experienced at Sled Island? Alternatively, if this is your first Sled experience, what kind of story do you think you’d be telling us after the festival? 

Hood Joplin opens for IGLOOGHOST and curator Flying Lotus at the Palace Theatre on June 24.
Photo by Levi Manchak

Bad Buddy: After we rescued seven baby goslings from burning in that horrible fire and defeated the Demogorgon in the upside-down, we celebrated by crushing a full cube of Pilsner each at the award ceremony for our bravery.

Feed Dogs: The wildest thing I can remember happening at Sled Island is seeing Stacy flip over her handlebars on her bicycle, breaking her finger, then playing guitar in like a million shows the next day.

Hood Joplin: Last year we met up with Lucy at the top of the Calgary Tower and she showed us a good time. We said what up to Cakes Da Killa, did our thing, then saw his show at the end of the night – very full circle. Very nice time.

I Hate Sex: The wildest thing I have experience at Sled Island was the show we played in 2015. Pissed Jeans was a secret headliner at Tubby Dog, and there was probably double the capacity in the venue. People, limbs and beer were everywhere. It was the best energy, Pissed Jeans finished their set, the band started packing up, and the vocalist remained running around the room. I am hoping this year brings more stories.

BR: If you were to curate your own festival, what kind of artists might we see there?

Feminal Fluids: Naturally we would curate a feminist Helloween festival with haunted tampons and return of the drain hair – you’d likely see as many ladies as we could get on stage playing, speaking about and doing whatever makes them shine.

Bad Buddy: Everyone who died in 2016 and Beyoncé.

Feed Dogs: Oh gosh. Honestly, seeing King Woman & Waxahatchee this year is pretty unreal, and previous Sled Island’s have had some real bucket list kind of bands like Hot Snakes, Screaming Females, Chelsea Wolfe and North of America to name a few. Our dream festival might include New Order, basements full of queer punk all day long and Prince.

I Hate Sex: Jawbreaker, Los Campesinos!, Dangers, The National, Drake and I Hate Sex (duh).

BR: Guest curator Flying Lotus sometimes goes by his alias, Captain Murphy. If you had a nickname, or you do, what’s the reason behind it or what would it be and why?

Feminal Fluids: In the fashion of good old punks of lore we do actually have nicknames. Smellin’ Degenerates, Vulveeta Cheez and Ella Clitsgerald.

Bad Buddy: We once covered our friends’ band, The Denim Daddies, and were known as Mom Jeans.

Brunch Club: All my dude friends call me Allen for some reason. It started when one of my friends got really drunk and started yelling “fuck off Allen” into my ear when I was trying to pass out drunk on the couch. It’s just kinda caught on, and now whenever I’m in an offensively platonic friendship I get called Allen. I haven’t got a clue why.

Truster: Something to do with bugs. Something gross.

BR: Flying Lotus got his start partially due to contributions on Adult Swim. If your band were to star in a TV show or contribute music to one, which one would you choose?

Feminal Fluids: Anything that comes from the deepest and darkest parts of Tim & Eric’s brains. When our music video is released, there might be a few spots (namely in the bathroom) where we drew inspiration from those cute little pervs.

It’s gunna get loud on the Broken City Patio on June 21 with Edmonton’s I Hate Sex, Sellout and No More Moments.
Photo by Chantal Piat

Bad Buddy: The Simpsons.

Feed Dogs: Jordan would like our music to be featured in Star Trek because he thinks that Klingons would be like, “Feed Dogs are better in the original Klingon.”

Hood Joplin:  If I could star in a show it’d be Broad City (laughs)! Or my own show: It’d be a sketch nature show like ‘HJ Thru the Woods’ and I’d take you through the woods and we’d “run into” surprise guests to join us on our adventure through nature. It’d be corny, breaking the fourth wall and all that.

I Hate Sex: Oh boy, this is a great question. If Daria had a 2017 comeback, I think Daria & Jane would be really into I Hate Sex and wouldn’t need to go to Mystic Spiral shows anymore.

Truster: Roseanne.

BR: Tubby Dog got quite a few mentions in our Sledmonton feature a few years back. Since Edmonton seems to love hot dogs so much, what kind of toppings would you put on your dog? No limitations!

Feminal Fluids: Jalapeños poached in wrung out sock bouillon, sprinkled with our finest bed crumbs and topped with julienne tampon on top of the world’s most mediocre veggie dog.

Bad Buddy: Take a hotdog and marinate in hot sauce. Shove it through the centre of eight carnival-style mini donuts. Cover it in gold.

Feed Dogs: Honestly, it’s just mustard.

Hood Joplin: I’d rep the motherland and throw some chutney and ginger slices on that. Ya. No pork on the fork though. Swine is lethal.

I Hate Sex: I’m pretty classic. My Top Dog would be mustard, ketchup, Cheez Whiz, onions, and maybe some chili and jalapenos.

Brunch Club: I love the Captain Crunch and [peanut butter and jelly] dog and if that’s sick and twisted then so be it.

Truster: Jade likes a clean dog. Tanisha and Stacy don’t eat meat but Tanisha doesn’t live in Edmonton anymore and no longer feels obligated to pretend to like hot dogs.


In addition to these performers, Edmonton will be represented at Sled Island 2017 by TEETH, Marlaena Moore, Faith Healer, Altameda, Gender Poutine, Pigeon Breeders and more! Visit to learn their time slots. 


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