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Chutzpah! Festival Celebrates Diversity With Multifaceted International Programming

Chutzpah! Festival Celebrates Diversity With Multifaceted International Programming

by Yasmine Shemesh In Hebrew, chutzpah means “brazen audacity.” As such, it’s fitting that the term would be the namesake…

Calgary Beat x IMVERYAPE: Lucid 44 “Truss” Live Session

Monday 12th, June 2017 / 09:00


CALGARY – IMVERYAPE: Last Spring, Lucid 44 released a brief, seven-track album entitled black/veins. As is fitting to front man Markus Overland’s reserved nature, it was launched with minimal promotion, and therefore minimal fanfare. But that little, unassuming, and uncelebrated collection of songs managed to reinvigorate my dwindling love of music.

Named after the pipelines that stretch across the land like veins, the album was at times a biting and visceral portrayal of injustice towards Indigenous Peoples (foreshadowing the emerging Standing Rock protests), and at times a somber reflection of Overland’s personal life. The mix made black/veins a particularly brooding and powerful experience, and one of my favourite albums of the year.

In the middle of those somber (and sobering) moments was “Truss.” Like OK Computer’s “Let Down,” the song was a glimmer of hope against theme. I cannot assume Overland’s intentions, but to me it is a story of fatherhood, and the work involved with keeping a family strong and our children nurtured. It shone bright with lyrics of optimism and a grand swell of uplifting instrumental. Being a new father when I purchased the album, it had a significant impact on me.

I therefore made it my goal to work with Overland again and capture the song on video. Fortunately, we were all able to make it work in April. What we filmed is Overland without the grand soundscapes of his backing band, so with a guitar fuzz like a wire brush, and a trusty looper pedal, he turns the anthemic grower into a meditation. Like everything he does, it is a stirring experience to get absorbed in, and something I am so grateful to have been a part of.

Catch Lucid 44 at Sled Island at the Nite Owl, Friday June 23rd, with Magpies, Cold Water and Altameda. 

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