Cary Pratt Reveals His True Identity On Latest Prairie Cat Album

Monday 12th, June 2017 / 13:10
By Emily Blatta

After a four-year hiatus, Cary Pratt (better known as Prairie Cat) is releasing his fourth album, …is Cary Pratt. The Kelowna born drummer-turned-singer-songwriter first moved to Vancouver in 2001 and has since become a well-known staple of the city’s indie pop scene.

Although it’s mainly bars and small venues that he will be touring this summer, Pratt found his footing at the independent Vogue theatre. He started working there in 2010, first as an usher and then as a general manager—a time that he says gave him the “opportunity to get closer to the arts, but also to understand the difference between playing in clubs and playing in 1200 seat theatres.”

A lot of Pratt’s music was written at the Vogue after hours, and this comes across in how it sounds—energetic, poetic and made to fill a room of Vancouverites.

But before Cary Pratt became Prairie Cat, he was a drummer in Kelowna during the mid to late ’90s. “We started playing music because we had nothing else to do,” he says. Eventually this changed and Kelowna became known as a natural point for artists to stop and play between Calgary and Vancouver. As the Okanagan got a feel for other types of music, so did Pratt.

“As a drummer you’re always at the whim of when temperamental songwriters feel like writing songs and playing shows. They go through their trials and tribulations, and you’re sort of just there,” Pratt points out. “So I was advised a long time ago to write music as well.”

Now a writer and multi-instrumentalist, Pratt puts himself in the genres of contemplative soft pop and singer-songwriter.

“I could have gone down a more instrumental path, had it not been for a few people who gave me the confidence to keep pursuing the vocal side of things.” Using less vocal tricks and becoming more introspective, Prairie Cat’s newest album …is Cary Pratt is about being, well, Cary Pratt.

Prairie Cat performs at the Railway Club on June 17