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Glaux: Basking in that New Band Glow

Tuesday 13th, June 2017 / 16:00
By Morgan Cairns

Glaux = Dream Whip all mixed up + new member, oh my!
Photo by Jarett Edmund

CALGARY – Emerging from the ashes of beloved pop-punk group Dream Whip, new Calgary ensemble Glaux (pronounced “glow”) is ready to takeover Calgary with their dreamy guitar-pop sound.

Playing under a brand-new name, a lineup switch wasn’t far behind. While Alex Judd and Jessie Giddings maintained their roles on guitar and bass, respectively, the change in projects saw Dream Whip drummer Ashley Pridham transition to guitar, and newcomer Adrienne Sharma stepped in as the group’s new drummer.

“Not all of us were ready to quit when Dream Whip ended,” explains Judd. “So it’s still very much true to what we originally started with. The same punk influences, the same girl-group influences, the same doo-wop influences.”

While you can expect a similar sound to the group’s former project, the addition of a new member serves as the refresh the group needed.

“She brings a really fun energy to the band,” Judd says about Sharma. “Having a person to bring a new perspective to what we’re doing is great.”

And Sharma, who’s enjoying her first-ever band experience with Glaux, is already remarking on how the experience has shaped her as a musician.

“It’s been a huge learning curve,” says Sharma. “I’m finally starting to figure out my instrument, even though I’ve been playing for a long time. It’s just been a really supportive atmosphere.”

Bassist Giddings echoes the statement, saying she also is better at “figuring out her instrument.”

“Her bass-lines have gotten sick,” gushes Judd.

Of course, Pridham’s transition from drums to guitar has also ushered in changes.

“It’s really exciting to have her on guitar,” says Judd. “She wrote a fair amount of Dream Whip songs before, but then I’d end up singing them, and that would obviously take on my style a little bit, but now that she’s on guitar, she’s taking more ownership of the songs that she writes.”

Even though Glaux only has one show under their belt (performing as a Vibrators cover band at the Tubby Dog Halloween show) they’re already making their Sled Island debut this coming June opening for Shonen Knife and Tyvek over two shows. Most of the group are Sled Island veterans, playing two sets in 2016 alone, but for Sharma, they will be some of her first ever shows. As to be expected from someone cutting their teeth at one of Calgary’s biggest festivals, Sharma expresses it is both “nerve-wracking and exciting.”

So while Glaux may be riding the Dream Whip wave, we can expect a legacy from them that is all their own.

Finishes Judd, “It feels cool to have the opportunities we’ve had, and then to just jump right into the next thing, too have that history behind us, and then getting to do something new.”

Glaux plays Sled Island on June 23 at the Royal Canadian Legion #1 (upstairs) and on June 24 in the Nite Owl Library.

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