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CKY,Cocaine Moustache,Selfist, and Precious Dudes Live at the Rickshaw Theatre

Friday 16th, June 2017 / 16:34
By James Olson

June 14th, 2017
Rickshaw Theatre

Photo by Aishath Nasir

VANCOUVER – It might have been a Wednesday night but it certainly felt like the weekend at The Rickshaw for CKY’s first show in Vancouver in a number of years. Devotees of the legendary skate punk/alt metal act were out in force, many a CKY hat could be spied throughout the crowd, often accompanied by a CKY shirt and skate attire.

Photo by Aishath Nasir

This reviewer regrettably missed the first local opener for the evening, the abrasive and willfully bizarre Precious Dudes. Selfist, the second band of the night, were a refreshingly straightforward hardcore band. Vocalist Stepan Soroka could be seen headbanging ferociously throughout their set while bassist Eric Morrison’s fret work was so aggressive he broke a string mid set.

Photo by Aishath Nasir

The larger than life Cocaine Moustache stole the show as the final opening act of the evening. Frontman White Willie Sniffsum was an absolute force of nature, stomping across the stage and leaping off stanchions like some great white suited Sasquatch. The band’s thick, dense brand of groove rock absolutely supercharged patrons of the Rickshaw. Between preaching the good word of partying too damn hard, Sniffsum alerted the audience to the absence of their rhythm guitarist Bill Rollins for their performance. Cocaine Moustache might have been short a man but it didn’t detract from their performance in the slightest.

Photo by Aishath Nasir

While CKY performance was enjoyable, the absence of their original vocalist Deron Miller was hard to ignore. This might have been simply a personal reservation as the CKY devotees in the audience appeared to be having an absolute blast with many chants of “C-K-Y” erupting between songs. Vocalist/guitarist Chad I Ginsburg engaged in undeniably fun guitar theatrics, spinning his axe on its strap in two full revolutions. CKY’s setlist was heavy on cuts from their most enduring second record Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild along with the anthemic “96 Quite Bitter Beings.” Fan favorites such as “Plastic Plan” and “Familiar Realm” were noticeably absent from the set however. Overall, CKY performed quite well but they didn’t stand out in any particular fashion. Sometimes an act like Cocaine Moustache are hard to follow.

Photo by Aishath Nasir



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