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The Crystal Method continues to push their signature sound into the future

Friday 16th, June 2017 / 13:38
By Vanessa Tam

VANCOUVER – As a duo, Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland have been making music together for over two decades as The Crystal Method (TCM).

And while The Crystal Method may not be on the tip of everyone’s tongues in 2017, some of their legacy singles that combined hip hop samples with high tempo break beats, like “Busy Child” and “Name of the Game,” will definitely ring a bell.

With Jordan recently deciding to transition into retirement, Kirkland continues to fly the TCM flag on his own. “It all comes from a [special] place in my heart,” explains Kirkland over the phone. “[When I was] a kid I used to love going to rock shows, I used to just worship bands and am still just the biggest fan of music. I don’t know what I would do if music just suddenly stopped [for me]. I’d be banging on tables or picking up spoons or something if I couldn’t find any other way to make music.”

Coming up in the early thousands, TCM paved their own way through the electronic music scene developing their own timeless sound that was inspired by everything from modern rock to 80’s disco. “We’ve been very fortunate, especially when we [made our first record], Vegas,” reminisced Kirkland. “That record is really special to me and is really special to many other people as well; the same [goes for] Tweekend and Legion of Boom. To me that’s the best part [about] electronic music. Everyone’s gonna have different taste, but the fact that someone like myself who didn’t get any formal training in music but [can still find success]? That to me is the greatest gift.”

Not to say that Kirkland is one to rest on the laurels of TCM. Their last release, a remix album of their 2013 self titled record, actually embraced many new up and coming producers including Ghastly and Bixel Boys with . “Well we have a radio show on Sirius XM and [before that] we had another radio show, so I get a lot of promos sent to me,” Kirkland mentions. “I’m hip to some of the new kids you know! I definitely follow the scene and through the radio show I do hear a lot of new music. I love Rufus Du Sol and Ghastly and the Bixel Boys are producing some really great things as well.

As for Kirkland’s plans as to what he wants to do next with The Crystal Method, a new record is on the horizon. “I don’t have a title yet, but I probably have between 10 to 20 song ideas [at the moment],” he mentions. “This new record is [going to be] mostly “out of the box,” meaning I’ll be mostly using the analogue synths that a lot of software programs are emulating. I have all these sexy synthesizers in the back and all they need to do is to be plugged in and turned on, and for some reason I’m chasing some sort of sound inside of a box that also does my emails and catalogues pictures of my kids. I really just wanna work quicker and not over think things, I can over process things on my own.”

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