Tom Lee Music’s New Flagship Store Helps Make Musical Instrument Buying More Accessible, Dynamic

Friday 16th, June 2017 / 13:33
by Emily Blatta

VANCOUVER – Since its inception in 1969, Tom Lee Music has worked to share their love of music-making by highlighting the beauty of sound, and their new location does this better now than ever before. The store opened their new flagship location in June, which features impressive strides forward in space, technology, and location.
Although just two blocks down from their heritage space on Granville Street, which they occupied for over 30 years, Tom Lee Music’s location across from Nordstrom represents a shift from entertainer to retailer, and makes shopping for musical instruments more accessible.
“Many of our customers live or work downtown, and are much closer to where we are now,” says Graham Blank, Vice President at Tom Lee Music Canada. “Whereas our business used to be built around the building, our new building has been built around our business.”
With more freedom to work within, Tom Lee Music has managed to not only modernize their space and brand, but has also succeeded in creating a more dynamic shopping experience. Behind every detail is a purpose and intention for how it should interact with shoppers.
Proof of this is their open-concept piano room, which features state-of-the-art technology and acoustics to bring sound that is worthy of the quality of their instruments, and, most notably, their collection of Steinway pianos. Each instrument has its own place, where it can be experienced full-force and on its own.
Tom Lee Music’s new flagship store is located at 728 Granville Street. Visit for a complete list of upcoming workshops, events, and products.