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Tavis E. Triance & The Natural Way debut self-titled album for seasoned West Coast musician

Monday 19th, June 2017 / 18:10
By Heather Adamson

Photo by Kris Krug

VANCOUVER – Living on Half Moon Bay on the Sunshine Coast with his wife and two young children, life as a musician has changed dramatically over the last few years for Tavis E. Triance. Rehearsing and touring have taken on whole new meanings as scheduling between his family and day job as a teacher at an alternative school have made making time for music that much more creative. “I am two and a half hours out of Vancouver, including a ferry ride. I will travel to the city to rehearse, stay overnight and then ferry back early the next morning to get to work,” Triance says.

Upon learning they were expecting their first child a few years ago, Triance had an overwhelming feeling that he would no longer have the same amount of time to make music, which motivated him to write and record his album, A Brief Respite from the Terror of Dying. When asked about the album title, Triance explained it is simply what music is for him. “I am getting older and less youthful and naive. There are a lot of pitfalls and bumps in the road. If you can have these brief respites or islands in the chaos, then it helps to keep you going. That is what I hope the album is for people.” Having played in countless bands over the years, including The Royal Mountain Band and Spoon River, Triance approached these songs for the first time without a band in mind, but solely as a singer/songwriter. “I had just started playing keys so it provoked me to make different sounding songs and get out on my own in a way I haven’t done before,” he says.

Although writing was approached differently, the recording of the album was done with a team near and dear to Triance. “All the guys who played on the album are really close friends of mine from Montreal that I have played with at different times in my past,” he says. “We went into the studio with everything set up in one room. It was a real live and spontaneous process. A lot of the guys had not heard the songs. We threw the headphones out entirely so we could really hear each other. It was an amazing way to work.”

The result is an album that feels incredibly cathartic, honest and raw. Already having played Canada Music Week in Toronto, Triance is gearing up for a Canadian tour that includes the Winnipeg Folk Fest and Ness Creek Music Festival in Saskatoon, performance opportunities that he is not taking for granted. “Because of the extra effort it takes now, I want to make every experience count.”

Tavis E. Triance & The Natural Way perform at the Biltmore Cabaret on June 24.


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