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John Maus Makes Music About The Wrong Apocalypse

John Maus Makes Music About The Wrong Apocalypse

By Graeme Wiggins VANCOUVER – Often musicians let their music do the talking, making interviews short, occasionally insightful but rarely…


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Wormwitch Delivering earth dwelling secrets of a new spell

Thursday 22nd, June 2017 / 11:31
By Heath Fenton

Wormwitch gets real with their new album and some backing from the big leagues.

VANCOUVER – Vancouver is full of extinguished metal bands, there is no doubt; and most of them are filled with crusty scene veterans. New gents on the extreme metal rain-soaked mud path, Wormwitch, are the furthest thing from anything mainstream.

Birthed from the demise of hardcore band Dead Hand, Wormwitch are poised to take
the metal world by its nose hairs. In 2015, they would unleash a single and video for their song “Coffin Birth” and fittingly, they would launch it like a stillborn cacophony. They treated the video like an album release and worked their ass off to make it go viral, and it did. See kids, YouTube isn’t just for the pop artists to get noticed.

“A month after it was released I got an email from a Prosthetic Records rep. He would ask us crazy questions and we would respond,” bassist-vocalist Robin Harris elaborates. “We sort of knew he was testing us to see if we were committed. After 10 emails, he asked for a demo. I told him we were recording one tomorrow.”

There was no such plan, but the demo would be done and sent off the next night. For Harris, with guitarist Colby Hink and drummer Cam Saunders, that would springboard a deal with the Los Angeles based metal label giant. Harris was almost overwhelmed. “Honestly, we were not expecting to get signed. This is a three album record deal. They paid for our record and our visas. We thought maybe they wanted to distribute our EP or something. But they told us we are fully signed and our EP needs to be a full length!”

They jump right out at you with their new record Strike Mortal Soil. It’s a dirty, slimy opus. It pulverizes with unique blends of black metal, crust rock, and old school brutality. Their sound will stick to your face like mud from the bottom of a boot as it’s slapped into your head. It’s got a little bit of extreme for everyone.

“We had a much better understanding of our sound after we made the album. When we started we wanted it to be grimy death metal with a bunch of d-beat stuff. But over time we realized that we’re big fans of old heavy metal, newer new wave british metal and older rock bands. We like black metal that isn’t influenced by black metal.” Harris expands: “We want something we can do forever that has lots of possibilities for us to do musically. We don’t want to be gimmicky. We just try and find cool riffs that make you want to rip out your sword and chops someone’s head off.”

June 26 is a west coast tour kick off for the band. They plan on conquering North America and Europe supporting this record. “We want to make a career out of this. This is not some sort of short lived rebellious statement.”

Wormwitch kick off their west coast tour at the Cobalt in Vancouver on June 26

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