Monday 26th, June 2017 / 20:33
By Mike Dunn


Edmonton’s BETRAYERS make a point of being concise in composition. Their latest release, 12 SONGS TO HAUNT YOU, clocks in quick, each cut bursting with danceable pop energy. Sirens ablaze tight to “THEME FROM SILKY BOYS;” a wicked speedy driver on a Peter Gunn riff does the twist to carnival lines of organ and tight finishes into a classic upbeat pop of “ONE OF YOUR FOOLS.” The song features a cool vocal harmony between Travis Sargent’s long and low phrasing and the cheerful, higher-end voice of Scarlet Welling-Yiannakoulias. Justin Zawada’s bass is a constant energetic forward groove, with the pace of the Misfits, and that dark and suspenseful movie action.

Whether it’s the swaying “LES ÉTOILES” en Francais, with tremolo guitars and a swell of organ coming around, or the primal drum groove and drone of “BELONG HERE RAGGA,” every song on 12 Songs To Haunt You is uptempo rock n’ roll in some cool classic forms. 12 SONGS TO HAUNT YOU follows a fairly simple formula, with a lot of energy, and short duration songs filled with bass lines that propel the band towards tight and defined endings. BETRAYERS can make a crowd dance, and their melodies and harmonies glide over the fast moving current underneath.

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