Dave Depper – Emotional Freedom Technique

Tuesday 27th, June 2017 / 12:00
By Andrew R. Mott

Tender Loving Empire

Dave Depper can usually be found playing guitar as a part of Death Cab for Cutie, a gig he landed after a storied dance through a string of instruments and positions in numerous Pacific Northwest bands. On Emotional Freedom Technique, Depper steps into the spotlight on his own. Opening with an epic synth-pop ballad, “Do You Want Love,” Depper’s debut solo LP is all at once a self-expression of deepest longing exposed through the lens of loneliness’ stark self-reflection and a demonstration of the incredible, self-assured creation that isolation can bring. Depper’s multi-instrumentalist musical ability must be noted, having personally written and played every part of the album in his Portland home studio, with the only exception being Laura Gibson’s guest vocals on “Your Voice on the Radio;” a pure personal expression album, close to heart and therefore completely self-controlled. The record has a classic and cohesive meandering quality to it, lending itself well to contemplative walks, or for quiet reflection over a pot of tea. Depper’s compositions weave together undulating musical textures into a singular tapestry for the exhibition of his vocal poetry—the true highlight of the record—full of gentle honesty and a purity found in demonstrative restraint.

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